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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

As the Nose Runs

With a training race coming up this Saturday you may have thought it was planned to not complete my "wake up" miles on Monday and again today.  However you'd be wrong.  I had every intention of getting those few miles in to help prepare myself to interaction sociably with other grownups but that didn't happen.  It's seems that the success rate may be directly linked to the pile of tissues beside my bed because LBM is often still in my bed! 

I knew that the super secret spy and I like to teach our children by example but in this case I completely wish he would have not shared his cold with the rest of the family.  Also thanks to the super secret spy being under the weather this past weekend, I missed out on a little kid-free time that helps to refill the patience reservoirs within me.  Even with a sick kiddo I have to admit that at times, say 3 o'clock in the morning after being woke up three previous nights repeatedly, that it can be an effort to not get worn out myself. 

So in the hopes of avoiding actually getting sick myself I have cut a few miles off the lead up to the Hashawha Hill 50k.  I have also mentally made the decision to keep the pace and effort in check since Seneca is the next Saturday and that course hold my 50k PR.  If any thought is going to be given to a PR attempt that will more than likely be the race so being healthy is a must.

I think we are turning a corner this morning when LBM woke up early and happy.  And since he was still to questionable to plop in the jogging stroller and not at all interested in the entertaining pastime of watching mommy run on the treadmill, we spent the morning reading and re-reading

I think those minutes will be replayed as I weave my way through the woods this Saturday in my own version of the story maybe more aptedly named,

Good Run Sun.

In the great green woods
there is a trail
And a red blaze
And a view of--

The runners jumping over the stream

and there were three little frogs, sitting on logs...
come back tomorrow to read the rest.


  1. Love the rewrite and good luck avoiding the sickness and running this weekend!!!

  2. I always loved that book, but I like your version too. Here's hoping you can stay healthy!!

  3. Love that book and darling daughter and I actually checked it out of the library and read it a zillion times yesterday.

    My favorite...."good night nobody" and "good night to the little old lady whispering "hush"".

  4. best book EVER!!

    Loving your take on it!! :)

    You're awesome.

  5. You should write childrens running books :).

    Hope you feel better quickly, you don't have time to get too sick, you got a race to run girl!!

  6. I hope you feel better! I know how you feel...we've going through boxes and boxes of kleenex these past two weeks.

  7. Love the run version of Goodnight Moon!

    I hope you feel better!