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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Monday MisMash

Seventy mile week are becoming the new norm

I successfully took a running rest day this past week. 
See that little tiny 3 mile day.
It is a huge accomplishment for me.  Almost on par with successfully cross training. 
not the I accomplished that too baby steps people
I did however get my long run in on Sunday which I am completely shocked that I did.
The big miles, the run streaking, the kids, the husband, the big girl job, the date on the calendar, all combine to completely exhaust me this week.  I entered the weekend simply needing a break but knowing that I had to get my B2B started on Sunday.
So when Friday came I was all too ready to allow my wake up miles to be my only run of the day.
Followed by....
Roller derby may be in my future

More Roller Skating! 
I think my family should form a team.
We were so busy having a blast that I forgot to take photos.  Luckily the oldest snapped some to share.

The hay barn is completely down

After many hours on my feet between running and rolling, I was ready to put my feet up and enjoy our surprise snow storm.  The weather couldn't have been more beautiful.  It was a peaceful end to a very full day.

Why I love PA winters


  1. I like how a 3-mile day is a rest day for you. ; ) You are doing an amazing job with the miles. So impressive!

  2. Congratulations on moving up another spot...you're now at 66 I see.

    I don't know if the snow storm would be that welcomed here, but having a good treadmill inside would certainly make it bearable !

  3. Incredible miles, as usual.

    That snowfall looks so beautiful! We are having the wildest winter here... NO SNOW!

  4. We've had snow in England too. It looked really beautiful when we woke up on Sunday morning. Well done on that 73 mile week, wish I could still get so many in. Not that I would!

  5. The thought of an almost rest day and x-training in the same week would have been HUGE news. You'll get there. When you're ready. ;)

  6. That last picture is so beautiful. Mother Nature is quite the artist.

  7. My running streak friend thinks a 6 mile day is a rest day, so you seem so normal in comparison, ha!

  8. snow really is beautiful... I enjoyed it while it was here in Seattle for that one week haha!! I'm still enjoying my nights by the fire though:)

  9. You are such an inspiration with your running. I run 6 days a week with Monday a complete rest day. I still feel I need more rest sometimes. The snow photos are fantastic! We don't see that here in South Africa.

  10. The winter barn picture is gorgeous....really reminds me of the Iowa winters I spent at my grandma's in NE Iowa - a place very special and dear to my heart!