Daily Chatter

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wondering on Wednesday

I have a lot of tee-shirts that I have worn forever.

 Take this one.
How that barefoot/minimalist is becoming so popular,
I wonder if Nike regrets this slogan?

I wonder if you have time to be reading my blog would you also spare a moment to help me win?
2XU is hosting a contest click HERE to like my comment on their photo so my 647 day tired feet can enjoy a pair of 2XU compression socks.
Thanks in advance!

Shelly Cable My husband is to credit with my ultra running love. If it hadn't been for him daring me to beat his old high school marathon time, I may have never started running distance races. I really should thank him for that!

I wonder how I get myself into these things but I just realized that with all my schedule shifting I have just put in 6 consecutive double digit run days...and I will probably make it 7 before the day is out.
The weekend and a little break in the heavy training can not come fast enough!


  1. Funny tee shirt, especially now w/the barefoot trend. Ha! going to vote for you now. :)

  2. Just liked for you! Good luck!

    That tee shirt is cute... and good question with all the minimalist hype now!