Daily Chatter

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Closer to Confident

Day #653

It's a relative thing.
Some days my runs are effortless breezes that help retain my sanity.  Other days my feet feel as though they are foreigners in running shoes that speak a completely different language.
But every day I keep trying.
Trying to get a little stronger, a little more certain that this lofty goal I have set is somehow within my reach.
This Saturday starts a string of 50ks to help lengthen my reach towards that goal. 
100 miles
A goal in which I won't be the strongest or the fastest but I will be trying my hardest to get one step closer to confident.
Thanks to YMX I'll look good while getting there.


  1. Oh come on own that confidence right now. You rock! And look how hot you are in that shirt--love it!

  2. That's the spirit, keep on keeping on.

  3. It is indeed just one step at a time and I have complete confidence in you. Run strong!

  4. You are going to kill all of these 50ks!

  5. Good luck in the 50K(s)! You may train un-traditionally, but you put in the miles, you have the strength of mind (and body) and you love it! That is enough, I am sure!