Daily Chatter

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

L. O. & Ts

I run every day. 
Today is day #661.

I like this saying a little better this way:
If you always do what you always did, you always get what you always got.
Saturday I proved how true that saying is for me.

What running the Hashawha Hills Trail Run 50k showed me:
I learned that I can run with someone else and not get lost.
I learned that what works for some runners isn't always what works for me.
 I learned that I can ignore a lot of discomfort when distracted by good conversation.
I learned again that my mind is 1000% stronger than my body will ever be.
I learned you can run fast across a hay field and not break your ankle.
sorry pappy, you were wrong.
I learned that just when I think I've fallen in love with this sport I fall deeper.
I noticed that I can run a 50k on very little fueling.
I noticed that some people don't like cheerfulness after 20 miles.
I noticed the same views can be just as breathtaking the second time around.
I noticed that people are really nice especially when you stop mid-race to help them pick up their dropped mail.  
I noticed that body type and age have nothing to do with how well you run an Ultra!
I noticed there is a child-like joy about splashing mud while you run.
I wonder how many runners were tempted to not get the gum bands?
I wonder if I will ever be able to share that level of joy with my family?
I think about those volunteers and wonder if they know how much their smiling faces helped me?
I wonder if my family knows how much ultra running is a part of who I am?
I think about the runners whose only desire is to go fast and I wonder why?
I wonder how much of this I will be able to put into practice on Saturday?


  1. I think about the desire to go fast too. I know some runners who are pushing for faster and faster 5K's. Don't get me wrong, I love to run a 5K...and other other race....but it is the marathon that really makes me feel good. I won't go thinking beyond that publicly since I promised dear hubby I wouldn't but hmmm.....

    I do work on my speed but not to just get faster, but to help me push myself through mental obstacles.

    Great thought processes and thank you so much for your comments and support! I can't express how much it really does mean to me.

  2. Stop to help pick up mail? I loved the part about some people not liking cheerfulness after 20 miles...been there!

  3. Better doesn't always equal faster. Although it's fun to get faster too.

    This post makes me happy :)

  4. Good conversation is always a great distraction. I couldn't agree more; the mind is stronger than the body. Physically releasing mental stress through running is such a calm and relaxing feeling. I run my first half marathon Sunday. Your blog has been so helpful and inspiring! I love your passion for running.

    Britten Feldman
    Freeman School student

  5. WOW!!!!!!! that's quite the streak you're on.

  6. Your last paragraph echoed some of my same thoughts. I want my kids to run an ultra with me one day so they can know how I feel about it! (That's assuming they don't whine and hate it the whole time) :)

  7. Great post! Thanks for putting it together! Loved: I noticed that some people don't like cheerfulness after 20 miles...that's funny, but maybe not to others!


  8. I can feel your love for running in this post. And I totally get it.

  9. What a fun way to recap the day. I laughed about some people not appreciating cheerfulness after mile 20!

  10. Love this post...thanks so much for the lessons, observations, and thoughts. :) It speaks a lot about the kind of runner and person you are. Congrats on another ultra.

  11. These are great lessons. I have never run a 50 but I fueled very little during my marathon - no wall, no exhaustion, just fun.
    Glad you had such a good time.

  12. I like the comment about cheerfulness..I remember catching some gentlemen at my first Reverse Ring; I asked them how they were, and I got grumbles.I decided they probalby didn't want to hear about what a GREAT day I was having!