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Friday, February 3, 2012

Ultra training at the grocery store

First we stretch to loosen up.
This is never a good sign.  It usually indicates that this could be a long episode.

The the declaration of demands which is quickly followed by the mock walk off.  But the walk off thwarted by strangers.  It will required a second declaration and a rerouted walk off. 
But that too fails. 
The plan begins to unravel and all the stops are pulled out.  Demanding, pouting, whining. 
He just wants the blue gun.

Although LBM's attempts to get the blue gun were not rewarded,
come on a toy at the grocery store.  Why?  It doesn't help sales when moms have to walk out.
he did demonstrate a few techniques that apply to running.

First he sets impressive goals. 
Did he just meet me to think that he was going to get a toy at the grocery store?  Clearly, it's not on the list.
He changes up his approach.
Here I could learn a lot.  When I don't like the results I'm getting or not getting, I need to follow his example and change what I'm doing.
He is relentless.
I will really need to draw on this approach as the racing season begins at the end of the month.
He doesn't care how he looks to others.
Sometimes I worry too much about what everyone else will think of: my training, my race schedule, my weight, my pace...
He quickly got over his unsuccessful attempt.
This one I'll will keep in mind when I get that first 100 mile attempt.  Knowing that I will give everything to finish doesn't mean I will.  Being able to accept whatever happens and move forward quickly will help me better reach my goal if my first attempt doesn't see that 100 mile finish line within the time limit.

I just can't wait to see what LBM teaches me during his next tantrum!

What have your kids taught you lately?


  1. Oh I well remember those days! Glad you're learning valuable lessons you can apply to running from him though. Too cute!

  2. OMG I'm sorry, I could not stop cracking up at this. Kids... they are precious aren't they?!?!?

  3. The movie was great...and all too familiar.

    By the way, Congratulations on moving up two more spots to #69 on the Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Mile Run list !!!

    1. Thanks Michael! I knew I was getting more nervous for a reason.

  4. ohhhh man 3 year olds.....Mine is going to end up for sale on one of those groceries shelves!!!

  5. Thanks for this post. I will have to look for those running lessons in my daughter's next tantrum. Good job and putting a positive on a frustrating occurrence in the life of all moms.

  6. I feel so guilty for laughing, but KIDS! They are relentless unless you put the kabosh on them. Mommihood is the toughest training gig around!

  7. i've always said kids can teach us so much :)

  8. oh hahaha kids are amazing aren't they!!!

  9. My friend posts her son's tantrums on facebook and I always tell her she could make money off of them. I am loving this post because of your breakdown and perspective. I also learned a lot from this!! =D

  10. I love how you've analyzed the various stages of tantrums. I'm with you on not understanding why they sell toys at the grocery store. Just to drive parents crazy?

  11. And now you're number 67 on THE list. Just a matter of time. :-)

  12. New to your blog! Sounds like he is relentless and passionate like you!!! My kids attempt to teach me patience, daily...one day I'll figure it out. <3