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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Addictive Personality

Do you ever find yourself setting off for a run and end up running more than you've planned?  I rarely ever have a concrete plan of how many miles I will run when I set out other than a minimum number that I will run.  
That is how I set out this morning.  Knowing I'd do at least 6 but really feeling the run from yesterday and the extra effort from the past 4 days of running on the sand.  But I set out as the sun was rising and what was a mildly annoying requirement in my day became a mission in seeing what was just a little farther up the beach and then just a little farther.  
As the sun broke than the morning haze and the day grew warmer I realized that I still had to run the return trip back.  I still had a day full of things to do and family waiting, well those who would be awake anyway.  I turned knowing that tomorrow the call to keep moving forward migt have me going past where I went today but that was okay.  There is just something inside me that needs to know what is out there.  Out there cross that creek, around that turn, through that forest or simply farther up the beach.  
Everyday I indulge that need I am never disappointed.  I always find something amazing for having gone.  A view, a shell, a peaceful mood for the day.  All because I went just a little farther.
What do you think you could find if you just pushed a little farther?  Would today be a great day to find out?

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  1. What a beautiful picture of the beach....and you got me yearning for a run outside right about now. The thing with treadmills is visually you know what is just around the corner but mentally, you never know and that is the part I have to try to stay focused on.