Daily Chatter

Monday, August 6, 2012

Yeah Dude!

So last night Biking Sherpa and I hit the beach after an amazing meal @Dead Freddy's.  It was late to be starting out so we didn't have many places that had any lights on toward the beach.  
The surf had been rough all day long so the beach was washed away at a very steep angle.  We chatted as we made our way down the beach.  I fell once. Yeah Miss Grace.  
We went past a couple fisherman using long poles.  We easily slipped under their lines.  The tide marched farther in.  We passed two long poles anchored in the sand.  Their only company were two empty beach chairs and the waves the took the sand bit by bit back into the ocean.
I asked Biking Sherpa if we should move them back.  She didn't think we should move them so on we went.
On the return trip back up the beach, we once again encountered the lonely poles.  This time I moved the chairs back out of the surf but agreed that the poles with dangling hooks were probably better moved by someone familar with them.  
So as anyone normal person would do, I asked the nearest fisherman if he was feeling like performing a little good samanitan act and move the abandoned poles back.  To which he exhaled the smoke from his homemade cigarette and replied, 'Yeah Dude.  I was just finishing.  So sure.  I could do that. Yeah.'
Biking Sherpa and I continued on our way.  I was feeling all good about doing the right thing when Biking Sherpa turned to me and said, 'So you just got those two poles stolen.'
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