Daily Chatter

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

That's it

That's it.  My 8.06 mile wake up run this morning was it. 

 That will be my last wake up run before school starts.  Beginning tomorrow morning I will have to - again - adjust the schedule.  It's the same every year just when I get into a solid routine with the kids at home the summer ends and I have to change.  This year I have a bigger wrinkle in the routine. 

I will be at home.
with LBM.

That should mean that I can get my run done when ever but it doesn't.  I will have to figure out if A) I can get up at dark o-thirty to run and be back before hubbs has to leave for work. B) I can wait until after S'ghetti Girl is taken to school and run with LBM in the jogger.  C)  I can get and run on a treadmill  D)  I can run after Hubbs is home from work.

For the first few days of school getting S'ghetti Girl on a routine will be more important than working out my own routine.  LBM and I will probably not offically start his preschool work until next week.  But I will need a plan.  I like my ducks in a row.  So for all those SAHM'ers out there what is your daily routine when you have to include taxi'ing kids to school, homeschooling others AND getting your workouts done?

As for today, we will be squeezing out every last drop of summer vacation as the kids enjoy a lazy day around the pool. 


  1. Fit it in where you can, and soon, you'll find a new routine that will work great!

    Good luck with the new school year and enjoy your last day of summer!

  2. Have you looked in the mirror lately? You're super woman, you will get it all figured out in due time.

  3. It is hard, no doubt. I'd go with the very early a.m. right now until you get the little guy in preschool. Then maybe switch it up so that you do some before school and some after he's gone for the day.

    I have to admit that I am very excited to be a couple of months shy of when both kids can stay home on their own. This will open up more early a.m. time for me plus keep me off the treadmill when my husband travels! You'll get there, too!