Daily Chatter

Monday, August 27, 2012

One Found Sock Monkey and Other Randomness

There was so much fabulous around here I'll have to bullet it all to keep from writing a novel. 
  • The phone rings.  The super secret spy is having someone over for dinner.  Is that ok?  That evening.  Loved that I was able to pull it all off!
  • Things I find while running: A silver Christmas ornament, a pair of barbie sunglasses, a metal toy airplane, a laundry basket full of little boy undershorts, a pastel striped sock monkey. 

  • LBM slept in his own bed last night.  Enough said.
  •  The super secret spy starts a new temporary job in one week.  It is something he will love doing.  Fingers crossed that he does a fabulous job and makes the switch permanent.
  • My Palm Pre was on it's last leg so the super secret spy took the new phone need opportunity and moved me to Virgin Mobile.  They suck.  There's a Facebook Page.  Go prove me right.  The HTC phone via Virgin Mobile, it sucks.  What did you really think I would have gone all weekend and it was all fabulous?  Seriously.
  • I have watched The Lorax half a dozen times over the weekend.  My children are addicted.  And even though we have more than enough tvs in this house I am watching it too and liking it.  I'll never grow up.
  • I torn my shoe when I fell on the trail a few weeks ago.  I have kept wearing those shoes now both shoes have holes in them.  I guess it's time to break out a new pair.  Maybe these babies?
I wonder if Saucony will ever forgive me?


  1. Cute sock monkey! I hope you love the Mizunos! They are my fave!

  2. I *love* sock monkeys! I wish I would find one while running!

  3. Nothing better than a child-free bed. I hope LBM's bed move is permanent.

  4. I would love a child free bed! Actually, that did happen for us last night too, but most nights, Norah creeps in with us.

  5. Hey, I have those same shoes waiting for me once I get back to real running after pregnancy :)

  6. I cant wait to see Lorax! Saucony are definately the best shoes ever -- Im a little scared to try something different. I hope you like the new brand!

  7. Perhaps one day you will find our lamb that went MIA.

  8. I have yet to see the Lorax. Sounds like a must and YES you need to test out those new kicks!!!