Daily Chatter

Friday, August 3, 2012

Only 26 Miles?!?

Thinking back over this week I was feeling a bit disappointed.  I mean if you know me at all you would know that this

is clearly freaking me out!  Knowing that as of Thursday I have only run 26 miles this week I was feeling as though I haven't accomplished much.  But then I decided to actually look back at what I have gotten done.

I've been getting out on the trails all week.

I registered S'ghetti Girl at her new school.

The trail taught me another lesson about how not to run. 

We enjoyed a day of games...


and just being ourselves at the super secret spy's org day picnic.

I even got out for some night running.

Looking back I know my days have been filled with much more than just running this week.  And as our summer vacation winds down, I'm happy that we are balancing things a little better.  But with our beach vacation to pack for and dinner guests tonight, it's a little difficult to remember that the Fall racing season begins in 2 months. 

Oh I didn't completely forget about all things run.  I did register for this.


  1. Man, and here I am being all proud of myself for having run 24 miles by Thursday! It's all about perspective, I guess! :)

  2. I know where you are coming from but what a great week! Especially that final tidbit of information. But honestly, it helps me feel more human as a runner to see everyone else also faces lower mileage times for themselves....and I am not even calling it a week since you still have time to do wonders!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Wow, I have yet to pass 24 miles in a week. Be proud of yourself girl!

  4. Sometimes other things just are equally - or more - important, but you still got some great mileage in and I know you'll have a ton more by the end of the week :). Love LBM's pic at the pool! :)

  5. I hear great things about Stone Mill!!

    You've got great perspective on the week you had. And sometimes our bodies thank us for the extra rest.

  6. Think how refreshed your body will feel for having a bit of a break. And look at all the fun stuff you've done. If you saw my mileage for this month you'd be horrified but a bout of the flu followed up two weeks later by a nasty head cold has a way of slowing you down.

  7. You're entitled to a week of lite running. No sweat, you'll be back to it soon, I'm sure. See you at the Stone Mill 50 in November!