Daily Chatter

Monday, August 13, 2012

Something had to give

We have been back to reality for a day and I already miss the cool soft running of the beach.  Running on the beach is such a great workout.  Every year I do the same thing.  Over do it.  I don't mean to do too much but I just enjoy it so much.  Even though I only ran 40 miles last week that was still way too much running barefoot on sand. 

After a week of too much sun, sand, wind and food with too little sleep, water, recovery or quiet; I came home with more than a bag of shells and sand in my shoes.  I came home with the flu.  I spend the majority of yesterday trying to nap if napping is defined as laying down on the couch with a 3 year old climbing all over you.  I did go for a short run.  My thought was maybe if I worked up a sweat I might feel better.  Nope 2 miles later I still felt like I just wanted to sleep. 

This morning I woke up feeling slightly better.  So I decided to get up early and go for my run while it was still cool.  Even though my average pace was a 9 minute mile I felt like I was giving it my all.  That was just all I had.  When I returned home I realized that 5 miles might have been a little too much too soon. 

It's hard to decide when you are too sick to workout.  For me it's easy to get sucked into that great feeling of pushing myself while I am running.  But remembering when to push and when to pull back is critical to a lifetime of safe and healthy running.

Do you know when you are "too sick" to run?
Do you keep up with your running while you are on vacation?
How do you adjust your workouts when you have the sniffles?
Do you feel like you have to get back to your workout routine after a tiring vacation?


  1. I'm wondering the same thing today. This cold has been holding on for about three weeks, and today, it feels like something is moving into my sinuses. Not cool! So far, I haven't breaked from my training plan, but if it continues in this direction, I might this week.

    Hope you continue to feel better!

  2. When I've been up all night with fevers and my bones are aching I know it's time to give exercise a miss. It's so important to ease back when you're not feeling great but it's hard to work out exactly how much is enough. I'm a bit like you - only work out that it was a little too far when you're finished.

  3. I usually play it all by ear! Feel better soon!

  4. I usually take it easy when I'm feeling sick. I'll run through sniffles, but anything more I don't.

    When on vacation I try to find a race - that's about all the running I'll do!

    And by the time my vacation is done, I'm always very happy to get back to a regular routine of running.

    From your post the other day, I find with trail running I always want to go that little bit further!

  5. Sorry you're down! But glad you enjoyed vacation so much--maybe a little tradeoff?

    I am actually really quick to shut it down when I get sick. I've learned my body will rebel with bronchitis if I try to push through, so I just back it off a couple of days and usually get back on track quickly.

  6. Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well! Sniffles or vacation - yes I keep the running/work outs up for sure. If the sickness is "below my neck" - body aches, chills, and especially problems breathing, I rest. Good luck!