Daily Chatter

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

An Open Letter to my new 6th Grader

This day didn't come the way I thought it would.  I thought you'd be going off to become a middle schooler at the same place I did.  In our quiet little town you'd be heading off into a somewhat more grown up world surrounded by lifelong friends and family.  Instead you my fearless daughter charged off happily into this adventure in a new place. 

Your fearlessness makes me so proud.  It's odd how a mother can wish to be more like her daughter but I do.  You are such a wonderful example of how to live a life.  You told me this morning that you were excited and not scared or nervous at all.  You rambled on about ideas of how you will make great new friends and I know that you will.

Today will only be a difficult day for me.  You will come home with hours of stories to tell of all the great and funny things that happened in your day.  You make me so proud to be your mother! 

As you go off into this middle school world, remember to change those around you.  Don't let them change the wonderful person you are.  I know you have so many ideas for how to make your class and school everything you want it to be.
Your courage, creativity and caring personality make you such a special person.  I know that you will be just as successful as a 6th grade as you have been in your first 6 years of school no matter where life take us.

As you go off into this exciting new chapter, know that we are so proud of the person you are.  
 We love you.



  1. That's a sweet locker! And a sweet letter. Have a great first day!

  2. Print this out, put it in a scrapbook, this is going to mean so much to her someday!

  3. Pass the kleenex please.
    I do hope you realize that while in "real world" you might not have her fearlessness, in the "running world", you do. She sees that. She is showing you what you have taught her, in your own way. Now she is taking that and paving her way. Good job, mom! Life lessons transcend boundaries.

  4. Awwww.... your daughter is awesome! What a sweet letter to her and memory for her to keep!! I hope her first day in middle school is as awesome as she is! I too look at my daughter (just barely 8 years old) and think, man I sure wish I was more like her when I was a kid.

  5. What a great daughter you have there. Truly a must to be proud of. She'll be entering the world of Middle school and she'll encounter new people and a tough world. She'll definitely need you to guide her.
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