Daily Chatter

Thursday, December 22, 2011

I credit myself a failure

When I was in grade school we did a play.  I think it was called I Want an Elephant for Christmas.  It was turned into a Peanuts play.  Think Charlie Brown.  I was Sally.  I thought it was fate that the teachers had cast Scotty Waugerman as Linus because I LOVED him.  Scotty, not Linus.

Well, my little grade school self thought I loved him. 

So I thought it was sweet that my own little girl recently confided in me that she has a crush on a little boy in her class.  It so happens that little boy was the main snowman in their recent Christmas play. 

Life can be sweet.  All tied up in a pretty little bow. 

As things would have it once in the middle school when boys finally discovered girls (at least in my era), Scotty Waugerman didn't like me like that.  He liked my older sister.  Isn't that always the way.  The bow comes untied.  Life doesn't work out the way we had planned. 

It seems at times I'm a little bit more like Charlie Brown than Sally.  There are more days when the ball gets yanked away.  That might get a person down if it were not for the days when you kick the ball.  Sometimes it's just a little contact with the ball and other days it's a winning field goal kind of connection. 

Maybe you have been having a string of down days.  Days when you are left feeling down and defeated.  Perhaps wondering why you even got up that morning.  Feeling like you are a failure.
You can only credit yourself with being a failure if you have tried!  To be a failure shows you saw the ball, took aim and charged!

There isn't anything beyond your ability.  There are only things you haven't successfully tried yet.  The important thing is to remember that being able to say you failed means at least you had the courage to try.
What will you do today to be able to credit yourself a potential failure? 


  1. Today was pretty ordinary, I didn't do anything special. :)

  2. nice story. I always thought Sally's love for Linus was funny. I remember being that little girl /w a crush too. Thinking that he liked me b/c I played ball hockey with the boys only to have him ask my best friend out. argh.

  3. I love Sally's love for Linus and he just couldn't have cared whatsoever! Ha. Seems like it's the story of my life.

    I think I'm going to be failing the Carlsbad Marathon BIG time! But at least I'll be there.

  4. I'm still getting up at 4:30am every day to get this little boot camp of mine up and running. Some days I stop and let myself wonder if it will ever become as I envision, but most days I just plug along and know that at least I'm trying and not just dreaming about it anymore!

  5. you are FAR from a failure but this was a very cute post!