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Monday, December 19, 2011

No Secret

This past week was epic for miles.  Notice I didn't say for running because to be epic my running would have needed to be in the woods or under the stars.  This past week outside miles were few and far between.  I make no secret of the fact that many of my miles are now on the mind numbing treadmill.  The glamorous life of married single parenting with a strong willed mini-human to battle.  But it might be a secret to LBM that he will be back in the jogger snuggled under a heating pad before too long.  Now that will be a different kind of  will power training for me!

Do you see that little pink bar.  I left it there so you all can go over and congratulate Marlene
at Mission to a(nother) Marathon.  Do you see those running, swimming and biking miles.
That girl is hard core!!

Its been no secret that I am drooling over INKnBURN's designs and want to look killer for the 100 and a couple sweet training "races" leading up to it.  But I also know it's the season of giving so I'll share this link again.
It's the final day to enter the INKnBURN giveaway that Heather @ Run Faster Mommy is hosting.  I so want to win this!  Then I could host a giveaway for all your guys.  Because I just know that after my rave review (I of course already know I would love their stuff), they would be dying to give me more free stuff to giveaway to you!

LBM spilled all his secrets to Santa


  1. Dreadmill can take any joy out of running so I am totally impressed with the miles you are cranking. Hopefully you will get to do under the stars runs soon.
    Aren't mini-humans fun? Just wait till teenage years... ;-)

  2. Wow, that is some crazy mileage! My highest ever is 72 and I had that little 50 mile race in that week. :)

  3. I am super impressed with all those miles, and on the treadmill too! That shows some real stamina!

  4. Amazing.

    I think Daily Mile must be embarrassed to email me my weekly totals. About a month ago they stopped added cool adjectives.

  5. You are too sweet. :) Love how close we ended up for points last week! Don't worry, you'll be whooping my ass this week and next as I lay off a bit for the holidays (and to nurse this cold I am fighting, boo).

    I hope you win the shirt! It suits you!