Daily Chatter

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dreams of Burning Ink

Women’s Pink Run or Die 2010 Tech Shirt Front
I must have some InknBurn!

I think I need to already start planning my 100 miler outfit because I KNOW that I am going to Massanutten in May.

I love this shirt to many reasons.

Single track mind.  Okay they might mean one thing but I like to think it means single track trails!

Run or Die.  That pretty much sums up my daily life.  I run every day because I don't feel alive if I don't.  And on that fabulous day in May I may feel like it's a Run or Die situation high up on that rocky mountain trail.

The color!  If I fall over from exhaustion, someone is sure to notice me.  Right?!

If you want to help me pick the bottom half of my race day outfit hope over to Ink n Burn and take a look around.  Plus Heather at Run Faster Mommy is hosting a giveaway so you might be able to rock so Ink n Burn! 


  1. That shirt is great! It made me think of single track trails too :)

  2. Great shirt! I think you need it to help make the 100 happen!

  3. Looks really good, it suits you to a T (if you'll pardon the pun)! But seriously, wearing something beautiful will make you feel good, which may help considerably on a hundred miler.

  4. 100 miles? I am so beyond impressed. Looks like the perfect shirt to get you that far!

  5. I love the "run or die" in the green too! AWESOME!