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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Runaway Snowman

Yesterday I took the day off of my Big Girl job to spend the day supporting S'ghetti Girl at the three performances of her 5th grade play, The Runaway Snowman.  It was a cute story about a snowman come to life who teaches the kids about friendship.
I hoped to finish up Christmas shopping, wrap everything and get a long run in before the evening show at 7 o'clock.

The show was wonderful.  I love that her school does these kind of things and it really allows the kids to experience a board array of activities.  S'ghetti girl felt like a Super Star!
Between the morning and the after noon show, I shopped and ran errands like a mad woman.  I didn't even take time to eat.  Opps.  I kinda forgot to do that most of the day.  Not great on pile o'miles weeks.
Between the afternoon and evening show I went home to run but was really pressed for time so I only squeezed in 7 miles thinking that I would finish after the kids were in bed with a drizzly run to see the Christmas lights.

I picked up the kids after a quick shower and let S'ghetti girl celebrate at her choice of dining establishments.
Yeah, she is high society at the Golden Arches.
BUT the kids both liked it.  So again I didn't eat. 
Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I did eat a few french fries.  Which were not hot enough to be good.
After the kids finished it was back to the school for the last showing.

I only took about 70 photos and a 45 minute video so count yourself lucky to only endure these few.  I was very proud of how S'ghetti did and I loved that she was enjoying herself so much!

We mingled with a few friends after the show but everyone was eager to get home.  Once home I of course had to deal with the 70+ photos and the 45 minute video.  That couldn't wait until later!  I wanted the super secret spy, who had been on the west coast and couldn't attend, to see them right away.  

All that lead to me feeling a little like this:
I didn't make it out the door before I feel asleep trying to get LBM to sleep.  I didn't get to run in the drizzle.  I didn't get to see the lights or finish my miles. 
It seemed like the only one how did much running yesterday was the Snowman.

Does your children's school have plays or drama clubs?

Did you ever perform in a play in school?

Do you "skip it" on days when kid activities are heavy?


  1. "You know you're an ultra runner when...."

    You feel bad about only running 7 miles. :)

  2. Sounds like a busy day! I remember being in school plays and I'm sure S'ghetti Girl appreciated your support beyond words!

    Mmmm Golden Arches, not gonna lie - I love that stuff. I don't let myself eat it (much) but I still crave it! Good choice SG. :)

  3. Wow--three shows in one day is a LOT! You are a good mama to be there for it all.

    Our school doesn't have any plays (actually ever) at the holidays, which makes life a bit easier at this time of year!

  4. Wow, that's super busy! So far, just one toddler here with a tiny cmas program, but I can imagine how crazy life will become with kids in school! Sounds like you did a great job balancing everything and your own needs as best you could!

  5. Awww I still remember my fifth grade play, I know it meant a lot having my mom supporting me, so I'm sure your daughter felt the same. Sometimes "only" 7 miles are worth it for that! I wish my school could do stuff like that...for so many reasons, we can't....sad. We had a drama club for one week, it was a hot mess.

  6. My youngest was heavily involved in the school music program at high school and this meant long evenings listening to concerts, lots of travelling to band competitions and lots of my time stolen - or that's how I viewed it some times, especially when I wanted a run. But I wouldn't have done it any other way. He's finished school now and the concerts are over for us and they're one of the best memories of his school years.