Daily Chatter

Friday, December 9, 2011

E.P.T Moment

Maybe you have experienced the feeling.
You are late.
Not late for a meeting or to get the kids from school but late.

You pray.  You bargain.  You beg.
You promise God everything anything just to let that little stick you are about to pee on to not turn blue.
And then
when it doesn't
you are sad.
Tears running down your face for something you didn't even think you really wanted.

That's how I feel today.
I did not get in to the Massanutten Mountain Trails 100

Yes I registered.
Yes I was ready to pony up the dough.
But I wasn't completely sure I wanted to go through with it.
Until my number wasn't picked.

Now I can't believe I didn't get in.
Now I'm so sad that fate grant me entry.
At least now I know that I really want to do this.
which makes the next step worse.

The Wait List

I won't have priority (previous finishes) to get in
but last year no one was left on the list.

that means I still could make it
and I still should probably tell my husband.

I'm not giving up yet!


  1. Sorry you had to experience the let down of not getting in, but if everyone got in last year, I'm sure you'll be there! And I've only felt relief so far at that moment....I am SOOOO not ready for kids yet!

  2. Hope you get in from the wait list!!

  3. I know the feeling - hubs had himself (and me!) convinced that it was better NOT getting into Boston ... until we found out that I got in and he didn't.

    Sorry that you didn't get in ... YET! Fingers crossed for the wait list!

  4. ohhhh Shelly....I am so sorry, but I have faith that you will get in. ( I have to admit when I saw the EPT title I got a little confused.)

  5. Oh, such a bummer! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that wait list!

  6. Bummer! I will keep my fingers crossed that you still make it!

  7. Fingers crossed for you, girl!
    If you don't, you can come to Colorado and run the Leadville 100!! I'll be there for ya! :)

  8. I will pray for you! Good luck with the wait list.

  9. You had me going there for a moment. I thought you were pregnant. So glad you're not because you can't run an ultra if you are (I'm betting you'll get in)

  10. bummer! it will be ok prayers that the wait list is still your ticket!!! My husband thinks your a total rockstar! He is doing the Monte Bell at wintergreen in March it's a trail 25k and his first race.....we are constantly in awe of you!!

  11. I hope you get in!! I bet you will!! I just found you blog by the way, you are freaking awesome. I hope to do an Ultra one day (2012 fall maybe?) anyway, good luck, my fingers are crossed for you!

  12. Fingers crossed that you'll get in. If you don't know already, you've been the featured photo on mcrrc.org...think you're running the Stone Mill? Cool to see the pic and think: "I read her!"