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Friday, December 2, 2011

I saw the light

My morning started with the inability to get my butt out of bed to grab a quick run this morning.  I should have recognized the tone I set for my day but I went about my morning blissfully unaware of what was in store for me. 

I got my shower.  S'ghetti girl got ready.  She talked me into buying another book from the visiting author, Henry Cole.
On Meadowview Street

We chatted about her spelling test and our evening plans.  Nice and smooth.  The bus arrives.  I kiss her good bye.  Back in the house to wake up LBM and head off to work.
After a few patient rounds of "where's LBM hiding" we were gathered and loaded into the car.  Then off to the sitter.  Listening to Despicable Me play at the back of my head taking in the beautiful frosty views.

Until I saw this:

Back Story:  The evening before Stone Mill my children's sitter told me that my wonderfully reliable Honda CRV had left a "giant puddle "in her driveway.  She was adamant that no other car had been there.  So I drove to the nearest well lit parking area, WalMart, and phoned a friend.
Thankfully my friend was able to come check out the car and confirm that all my fluids were fine and the under body of the car didn't seem to show any signs of a leak.

Given that episode, I completely freaked out this morning when that little light came on.  Okay freaked out is a strong way to put it but I didn't shut off the car at the sitter's and LBM got the fastest bye kiss ever as I jumped back into the car to drive straight to the garage.  Only to find out that they couldn't look at the car until Monday.

I had a moment to think so I got out my owner's manual and actually started to remember what I know about this car.  Sure enough it is probably an oxygen sensor.  I've already replaced two or three on this vehicle.  While sensors are the only repairs I have ever had with the car, the timing is not the greatest.  With the expense of the holidays, basketball practice starting Saturday and Holiday workshop tonight, I was hoping to have a safe car to drive.

It will all workout.  Things always seem to.
But is it wrong that along with the worries of safety and finance, I was also worried about that morning run that I didn't take and wondering how I was going to fit that in?

Runner first.


  1. Well hopefully it IS a minor issue - either way, not good timing with the holidays. :(

    Good luck fitting in your run... surely it will make everything seem more manageable.

    Have a great weekend Shelly!!

  2. So sorry to hear that! That little light of death can really take down a good mood quick. Whenever I don't start with a planned run, I feel off all day, as well. And for the record, I am opposed to spelling tests :)

    Good luck! It WILL all work out.

  3. Those stupid little dashboard lights are enough to give rise to panic in the most stalwart human. I've been driving around with one of mine lit up for the last few months - only because I know it's not an engine issue. It's a picture of a little person in the driving position with a great big circle on their lap and I'm pretty sure it means that I'm not allowed to drive with a Swiss ball on my lap for safety reasons.

  4. My light has been on for years and my car is still going strong.

  5. I hate that check engine light! It's never a cheap fix!

  6. We all freak out when things pop up unexpectedly. It's human nature because they usually happen exactly when you don't want them to. Glad it wasn't anything too serious. www.dashingdiva.net