Daily Chatter

Monday, December 26, 2011

Our Holiday

Our holiday started off with a wonderful and all too infrequent night out with the super secret spy.  We celebrated another year of not killing each other wedded bliss.
A lingering meal at Jean Bonnet Tavern and several hours of adult conversation that was priceless.

Saturday morning we shared a big breakfast.  After breakfast the super secret spy took the little kids to see Arthur Christmas so I could finish wrapping presents.  I was bummed that I would miss seeing the movie since I am a big fan of animated kid movies but I'm sure I'll enjoy watching it on DVD while running on the mill in a few months. 

I finished just in time to go to my mom's for our Christmas Eve get together before heading out for evening church services.  Then back to mom's in our pjs for a gift exchange. 

The cousins exchanged names and gave out their gifts first so everyone shared in the excitement of the giving and receiving.

LBM loved his new remote control truck.

And S'ghetti girl was excited with all her goodies as was her little red-headed cousin, Z. 

Biking Sherpa got a gift that fits everyone...a shirt made out of money.
I know she won't return it.

Any guesses on who is who?

Our holiday slipper sock tradition got a bit updated with some really eye catching foot wear!
We had a great evening but it was far from over...

After the Christmas Eve festivities were over and my house was finally all asleep, Santa paid our house a visit.

It was a tiring day.  But I still enjoyed having those midnight hours alone in the house with the tree lit and the gift arranged just so.  It is a nice moment to really give thanks for the original Christmas gift.  
But in no time at all it was time for a frenzy of paper.

We tired to slow down the process...

But soon everyone was opening something.  I think it is kind of expected with younger kids that the morning end with mounds of paper.

Sprinkled amount those days have been my runs.  Which have been reather uneventful, I'm sad to say.  With the rest of the week free of my Big Girl job I am looking forward to running my usual 6.5 mile hilly route with the jogger and hopefully an agreeable LBM.   


  1. Awwwe, what a great day(s) you had this Christmas! I bet you were smiling for two days straight :). Happy Anniversary, too! I hope Santa was good to you and brought you something really fun...and of course, running related :).

    I think your feet are the stripped ones with the pink jammies....am I right? And making biking Sherpa is the sparkly boots? S'ghetti girl has the white fuzzy slippers and LBM has the shoes with the little toy on the lap. ?? I'm probably all wrong. Ha.

  2. Just looking at those pictures makes me feel Christmasy all over again. There is something extra special when little kids are a part of the celebration.

  3. So you are close to Bedford? I met friends at the Omni there last year...loved it! And love the tavern too, where we had lunch.

    Your days looked awesome. Great family time.

  4. I love holiday traditions - the sock one is so cute! Looks like you guys had a fantastic holiday. Enjoy your week off!

  5. Thank goodness for adult conversation!

  6. Looks like a super holiday for everyone. I know what you mean about the morning ending with mounds of paper. My boys and niece and nephew made such a mess in such a hurry; Christmas only comes once a year.
    I think Biking Sherpa has the white fuzzy slippers, LBM is wearing brown and red, S'ghetti is in the sparkly boots and you're taking the picture. I have no clue who the other feet belong to - other than family.
    Merry Christmas!

  7. What a precious couple of days! Im so glad you enjoyed. S'ghetti girl is looking more and more like you every day!

  8. JeaN bonnet is awesome! We stayed there last year after a spa day at Bedford springs. Loved it!