Daily Chatter

Friday, December 30, 2011

An unexpected ring

Yesterday was day # 599.
Since I am taking some time off from the Big Girl job the kids and I are in VA while the poor super secret spy has to work.  Well, he had to work today. 

I had big plans for the run today.  The plan was to run a long loop with LBM in the jogger to start pushing my upper body strength a bit.  Then follow that run with a round of Insanity while the kiddos all played and frequently checked on me to make sure I didn't pass out.
I still got out for a run. I still challenged myself during that run.  It just wasn't the "big deal" I had wanted it to be.  And forget doing anything after.  LBM was having no part of being away from me to play or nap. 

So we baked brownies side by side in the kitchen in my running clothes.  S'ghetti girl had a friend over and everyone loved the unexpected treat.  It got me thinking about how I had wanted to make a big deal out of the approaching Day #600 tomorrow.  Joining the Charlottesville Area Trail Runners for a long trail run or run a memorable number of miles or start a serious cross training program to mark the day.  I thought about all those things.  But I will probably be the only person who notes the day to mean anything to me and my running. 

After not clicking publish yesterday on the half written post above.  I stand corrected thanks to the unexpected ringing of my phone today.  I had just gotten back from a 8 and 1/2ish run which was much more challenging than I would have liked such a distance to be.  I was feeling a little defeated and little down about my running, my fitness about what I am trying to do with sharing my silly little running life until that phone call.

The unexpected sharing of a friend's acknowledgement of my day 600 and a reaffirming that I might actually be reaching someone, anyone who happens upon my blog was just the pat on the back I needed.  It never ceases to amaze me that my friend might have thought he was thanking me for helping him get back to running and start his own running streak but his unexpected kind words ended up helping me.   

Thanks to my friend and to everyone who supported and encouraged and followed me down this rabbit hole of running, streaking and ultra running.  No matter how far down you have gone with me, thanks for believing in me and more importantly believing in yourself that you can do these crazy things too!

Who's up for day #601 tomorrow?  I know I am!
How do you plan to use your LAST day of 2011?


  1. Just think, if running became easy after 600 days straight of it, who would run on that 601st day? Your accomplishment is impressive BECAUSE sometimes those 8 mile runs feel hard, no matter how much experience you have. :)

  2. I do most of my running by myself. But today 12/31, I'm going on a run with one of my friends and then tomorrow 1/1 a group of us are going to ring in 2012 by running 12 miles as a start to our marathon training! I'm going to savor it because I know once school starts back up, I'll be on my own again.
    So proud of day #600. What a great ring to it! Being a single-parent and working certainly adds to the monumental nature of it. It's no small feat that you've accomplished this. Be proud!

  3. Isn't it amazing how something that your friend probably thought nothing of can mean the world to you? Congrats on a HUGE accomplishment! I'm spending my last day of 2011 like I've spent the entire last week - coughing and in my pjs on the couch, and trying not to be too bummed about it. Happy New Year!

  4. I personally think your running streak (and racing stats, and just your "never stop" mentality of running period) are simply amazing. I've been following your blog for only a couple of months now, but when I recently attempted my longest run ever in training for an upcoming marathon, I thought of you during that run, and how far you go and consistent you are with it.

    You are definitely an inspiration to many, and I'm certainly one of them. I remember clearly telling myself at about mile 22ish "Just keep putting one foot in front of the other".

  5. I love how something so small as a phone call can turn the day around. You are SO inspiring with your amazing streak--we all are amazed by it! Here's to another year's worth of streaking.

    And I got in a hilly, hilly (did I say hilly?) 13 miles today. Tired but happy!

  6. I'm pretty new to your blog but I love following your running. Your posts remind me to get out there even when I don't feel like it and I'm always glad I did.

  7. I am so proud of you and I am glad your phone rang!

    Have a great #601 run!

  8. Glad the call got you feeling so good. I don't read or comment often, but your blog is on my must read list and I quote your stories often. You are a great inspiration. Congrats on 600 days, may 2012 offer you another 366 days of great running.