Daily Chatter

Monday, December 5, 2011

If you don't laugh...

Today has been a challenge that actually started last night.
My hubbs who lives and works away through the week gave me the clear indication that he wanted me to get the Christmas tree up due to the grumblings of our daughter. 

Thanks daughter for throwing me under the bus with daddy!

After a hectic early morning of cooking, getting kids ready, Sunday School, church, a Christmas party and headband making, I found myself just getting on the treadmill at 6 p.m.  I was running merrily along when I jumped on the side rails crushed by the sudden realization that it was SUNDAY NIGHT!  We had work and school to prepare for.  Where had Saturday gone?

I finished my 10 miles, dealt with the usual road blocks in getting the kids ready for bed all while feeling like I had lost a day's time in which to do it all.  Once we had the next day's preparation done and were in our jammies, we put up the tree.  An ancient artificial tree up and fluffed to be decorated Monday night. 

We was feeling a bit impressed with myself as I tried to get LBM to go to sleep.  He is still sleeping in my bed.  Get off my back about it.  I'm too old to argue with a stubborn 3 year old. After 30 minutes of cuteness, i.e., "mom let me tell you a secret....", "mom I'm going to dream about....", "mom I have to....pee again....get another drink...." and my personal favorite as the hour nears midnight, "mom, sleeping is bbbbooooorrrrrrrrriiiiiinnnnnnggggg!"  I had had it!  I grabbed that little ball of cuteness and tossed him in his room.  Tossed is figurative not literal. Duh!   Of course that didn't work because 1) my PA house is small.  2) sounds carries.  3) I have ears and 4 ) so does my daughter. 

I went back and got him feeling like a meany.  LBM promptly spits up.  Yeah.  He can do it on demand.  Just enough to make a mess and require attention.  Goal accomplished.  After apologizes me to him and a quick bath.  LBM returns to bed with me.  We again say prayers.  We snuggle to sleep.   why couldn't he have done that 2 hours ago.

This morning I just know things will be more smooth.  S'ghetti girl does not recall any of the noise from the night and although she is not excited to have to get up for school, she does so without major problems.  My morning routine goes well, except for a lack of a wake up run and LBM cooperates mostly.

We pull out of the drive way within minutes of our need to time.  That's when I started to seriously wonder about my sanity.

Recall that little light that I saw on Friday.  The one that got cleared thanks to my hubbs.  BUT not because he and my FIL fixed anything.  They simply cleared the code.  The car worked all weekend and I simply was none the wiser.  Until I was about a mile from my house and 10 miles from the sitter and 20 miles from work.

At times I think that all the running and training gets me through the ultras that I do.  But it's days like this one that make me wonder if it's not the ultras that prepare me to get through the days like this one.

I couldn't cry with LBM in the car, so I just had to laugh.


  1. you're right, sometimes it's just better to laugh.

    Natalie can spit up on cue too. and she's been known to pee on things when she's mad. lots of fun.

  2. Oh the joys of a 3-year old. The ultras definitely help prepare you to deal I think. Glad you are laughing. It's really the best medicine anyway.

  3. Ultras make life look like a piece of cake, don't they? :)
    You are one tough cookie!

  4. Remind me why we decide to have kids. Is it because they're so darned cute or is it because we just can't resist a challenge? My youngest was a vomiter too. So much fun!

  5. Good job deciding to laugh. You have a lot on your plate and I am amazed by how well you juggle it all!

  6. I really don't know how you do all that you do!

  7. Wow, what a couple of days! Good for you for keeping a positive attitude...sometimes, you do just have to laugh!

  8. Bedtime is the same over here. I couldn't help but laugh with you.