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Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Rest of My Week

December 11th -Friday

After the wonderful fun of Thursday, bullet holes and all, I wanted Friday to be a more peaceful day. I got up early while hubbs was out hunting (yes, I let him have his rifle. I live dangerously) and squeezed in a quick 3.5 miles on the treadmill (26:32). It was a nice start to my final work day of the week.

The kids, hubbs and I all met for dinner before hubbs had to head out of town for work. 11 days this stretch. For anyone who has small children, the change in routine is not always met with good behavior so after attempting to eat while littlest crawled over me as if I were a jungle gym I was eager to get home and do...nothing.

That is what I did. Bad for me. I just had more stress than I can handle through the week and instead of getting a short energy boasting run, I lofted. So counter productive.

December 12th - Saturday

Par of the course loafing Friday night did not make me want to go run outside in the cold windy weather early in the morning. I worked around the house trying to work my way through my giant chore list while tending to the little kiddos. The afternoon brought a burst of energy and motivation so outside I went for my favorite run - 6.5 (50:22). After being on the treadmill for a couple days my legs felt like lead. I don't know why I feel like I have to run so fast on the treadmill! It always exhausts me. But I constantly push that button...faster....faster...faster. Hard or not it was great to be outside!

We finished our evening with putting up the Christmas tree and lighting it. Only to find half of the light do not work. Ekk. My oldest and I watched the latest Harry Potter movie. He is a big fan.

December 13 - Sunday

We woke up to freezing rain this morning so we didn't go to Sunday school or church. We stayed hidden in the house. I jumped on the treadmill for 10 (1:08:22) and had to stop at that. I want to get in 5 more today but I am hoping the weather clears up so I can go outside. My legs felt like jello on the treadmill. I just have to get over wanting to be DONE when I am on that thing.

Next on the agenda today is:

  • Lunch for the kiddos

  • finish the Christmas tree

  • a mountain of laundry

  • getting my bloggie exchange stuff ready to mail

  • scanning thing for hubbs

  • baking the brownies I promised my middle one last weekend

  • and finishing my run this evening

That should keep me busy for the rest of the day. It has been a great weekend. Christmas is going so quickly! I hope I can be ready in time.

Before I go I forgot to show you all the goodie I got from the give away I WON!! Thanks for all the goodies!! My oldest is already trying to steal them!!


With all this fuel no wonder I am running fast!


  1. It must be TOUGH to be a single parent..

    Oh thanks for reminding me that I need to box up my Gift exchange items.

    YOu are one FAST lady.. JEEPERS!!

  2. haha funny thing because I am always pressing my treadmill slower... and slower... and slower...

  3. Sounds like a busy weekend...sux that hubs is gone...great giveaway score!

  4. u r fast!
    darrrrnnnnnnn 26 minutes for 3,5 miles? how do u do it? i can hardly do 3.1 miles under 30 mins!

    what is ur secret?

  5. I am the same way on a treadmill! Of course, if I was running as fast as you I would run right off the stinkin thing!

  6. Nice job on those runs! I always want to rush through the 'mill runs too - it's just BORING otherwise!

  7. You are FAST! That 10 miler was great! Very impressive you managed to still get in these great runs with such a full plate! Hope your week goes well!

  8. Speedy McSpeederson!!! You've had a busy weekend to boot! Score on the giveaway girl!

  9. hI! I am glad I found you!I love th picture in your header! I am having a giveaway to help a runner and would for you to stop by

  10. Man o man, you are speeeeeedy girl! All your winnings is so great, way to score on that one! I laughed at your Friday comment...some days, we just need laziness; I think it makes us more determined to get out there and push hharder the next time. Plus, they're just so fun and well-deserving.

    Thanks for stopping by and your congrats. It made me smile to hear from you :)!!!

  11. speeeeeedster!!! and busy too :) glad you had a great weekend!

  12. Congrats on the win. And yes you are fast! 1:08 for ten miles??

  13. speedy mcspeedster! and congrats on the win!