Daily Chatter

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I won!


A double run day (3.5 in the a.m. oUtSiDe!! 28:40/8:11 and then 6.5 on the t.r.e.a.d.m.i.l.l. 52:43/8:07) 11 HBBC points for the day AND I won. Natalie's Thanksgiving Giveaway!


Another amazing day. I am super happy.

Thanks Natalie for hosting the giveaway.


  1. Nice job on the runs and congrats on winning Natalie's givaway!

  2. Nice job on the runs and congrats on winnng the giveaway!!

  3. yeahhh way to go on the win and ohh how nice a double run day..I love those... why can't this taper end!

  4. Great job on the win! I love the gu shots blocks!
    And awesome job on the double! Speedy times, too! I haven't done that in a long time!
    Happy Thursday!

    PS- I thought I was following you but you haven't been in my reader! Gotta fix that!

  5. Man you are hard core with your two runs in a day. Nice job. Now go eat some shot blocks.

  6. YIPPEE for the win!!!

    So to answer your question I have been multi-tasking wince grade 6. From sports, to school, plays, work, family, friends, etc.. As a college athlete there is not much down time...you learn very quickly how to do things quickly and fit everything in a small time frame.

    I guess it has carried over...and I take my "Smoke Breaks" at my computer...so I fit things in then too..

    SOOO EXICTED for your race this weekend speedy..