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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Catch up and Bullet Holes

It has been a super hectic week between work, school activities, hubbs getting home mid-week for hunting and dealing with the ugh weather; I have had little time for keeping bloggy world updated on my highly exciting life. I know you are all on pins and needles to see what I have been doing. So here is a little recap until I can carve out some bigger time.

December 7th - Monday
Got up in the morning for a wonderful all be it short run outside. 3.5miles (27:47/7:55) It was warm in comparison to the past two days. I am remembering it fondly as I type this. I think it was about 30 degrees that morning. Ahhh.
Following that run I had a normal day of sitter drop off of littlest, crazy busy day of work and then retrieval of kiddos at sitter and home again.
I got to run that evening (my favorite kind of day; double run! SCORE) BUT it was my first date with treadmill. No he doesn't have a name. He doesn't need one. It's not a friendly relationship. I am a total user. I don't give him anything. I just give him a pounding and walk away. He just takes all the sweat I can pour out and wants MORE! However, I HAD to start our relationship back up because there was a black bear in my yard you may recall. I love nature. I like being out here and experiencing it. It's all good. For some reason I just couldn't shake the thought that I was going to run into that black bear during my favorite run - in the dark - all alone and he...was...going...to...eat...ME. Now this may be because I watched a show called I am Alive on Sunday night in which a man was attacked by a black bear. Maybe not but I found myself at the end of my driveway fully dressed to run looking down the road and thinking, 'yep, this is about where that bear ran across. Yep. I wonder how fast bears run?' and back inside I went.
So treadmill got an unexpected date. 6.5 miles (50:43/7:48) I stuck with my distance and ran on an incline to simulate my hills.

December 8th - Tuesday
Another morning that I got up and did it! Yeah me. 3.5 miles (27:44/7:55) One second slower than Monday that's great consistency for me.
The elementary school had it Holiday workshop where the kids get to buy presents for their families so I went into the school to help with that for a while than off to work.
Tuesday is gymnastics but with the big ice storm we were to get, we cancelled, ran errands and headed home. With my extra time at home I got to cross train (finally - one day!). I did some P90x weights, stretching, abs for over 2 hours. Sweat city. But HBBC points for something besides my running and fruits and veggies another finally!

December 9th - Wednesday
Ice/snow storm over night made for rough start to the day. No outside running. Bummer. And I did a giant FAIL by going back to bed when I got the 2 hour delay call. ????? That was 2 hours I could have _________. You go ahead and fill in the blank. Sure, chose several things I could have done. I'll wait. Of course you can yell at me for wasting those 2 hours when I really could have use them productively.
Okay, so the a.m. wasn't great but I did have a date with treadmill after hubbs got home that evening. 6.5miles (47:49/7:21) I have a tendency to run really fast on the treadmill. I think it is the desire to be off of it. Plus the forced steady pace helps keep this un-Garmined girl moving more quickly.

December 10th - Thursday
With hubbs home and the extreme wind chills in the negatives, I did not get out of bed and run. I got up and made the kiddos and hubbs breakfast then went to work early to try and get some extra work done.
This evening. Another date. He is going to think I like him. I don't. He squeaks. Hubbs ordered me a new belt (Merry Christmas to me). I hope that fixes the problem. Squeak or not I watched Star Trek while I ran 6.5 (45:54/7:04). I was watching the end of the movie tonight. I think the excitement got me really running fast. The movie was great! I loved Star Trek the series so I was eager to see the movie. I had to be quick tonight since hubbs and my oldest wanted to go hang out and watch the Steelers (hopefully win) play the Browns tonight.

Before leaving you tonight I have to share one final thing. (Hubbs, sorry) I know hubbs will not want me to tell this story but I simply need to tell you. There is a lot of lessons to be learned from it.
I have been having a difficult time at work the past month. Things are extremely busy. Stressful. Hubbs knows this and understands. So he tries to not add to my burden this time of year when work gets crazy. Today however, he was not successful.
The scene. My (I don't call him my boss, he does not do anything. Really. Nothing.) office-mate/administrator and I get into an argument. A verbal disagreement. Heated! This is nothing completely new. It happens once or twice a year. It may seem strange but it is due to our working conditions and situations I can not begin to explain fully.
Suffice it to say that my hubbs phone call couldn't have come at a worse time. But he calls. He asks if I can talk. I tell him yes to simply defuse the discussion "boss" and I are having. Hubbs repeatedly tells me that I am going to be mad at him. I start thinking about what he could have done at home today that would make me mad at him.
"hummm, he was working on treadmill. OH no. He totally broke him! I won't be able to run!" Seriously. That is what I was thinking.
No. Wrong.
Hubbs continues. He tells me he was ....loading his rifle ON OUR BED!! (yes, that would be INSIDE our home. Breaking a house rule. No loaded guns in the house!)
AND...he shot the gun.
The bullet. You know that one that never should have been inside the gun inside our home, that one, it went through my wonderful tigger (okay I'm a kid inside) fleece blanket, through MY pillow (hidden agenda here???), through the head board and OUT the bedroom wall!
No one was hurt. Our dogs, who were outside, were not hurt. We live in the boonies so we don't really have neighbors the way many of you probably have neighbors, so they were not hurt.
Why did this happen. Hubbs was rushing. My hubbs has been in a foreign country where you carry really big guns to dinner with you. He was there for about 2 years. So he knows a bit about guns and gun handling. This could be a different story had one of the kids been home. I thank God that He chose to protect hubbs from himself in his carelessness. So for those reading who hunt or have hubbs who hunt, please gently remind them that you want them to take their time and be safe.


  1. A black bear? That would send me to arms of Mr. Treadmill, too!

    I'm glad your hubby wasn't hurt in the rifle incident. My dad and brother hunt. I'm not sure what their house rules are regarding loaded versus not loaded but you can never be too careful!

  2. Nice job on all the runs!

    Glad to hear that nobody was hurt in the rifle incident - hopefully hubbs has learned his lesson. ;)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I have to say you are a much more brave woman than me! Bears, cold, ice, snow and you still manage to get outside to run! I have a date with the treadmill tonight at the gym - it's going to be raining and I have yet to invest in a waterproof wind breaker (probably some sort of sub-conscience thing).
    Glad the hubbs is okay and that no one else was hurt either! Have a good Friday :0

  4. Guns scare the crap out of me! My dad made me learn to shoot one- I did it a few times, and I still hate them. Seriously, scared.to.death. I am happy to hear he is okay because in my head I was imagining the worst!

  5. busy busy time of the year for everyone!

    keep up the good work!
    love ur analysis of the treadmill. its a love-hate relationship! i am aware of those

  6. Wow...thats scary :( Guns freak me out..