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Sunday, December 27, 2009

What I Did on my Christmas Vacation

My holiday really began with a great dinner at a local restaurant, The Jean Bonnet Tavern to celebrate our wedding anniversary.  No photos, sorry.  I wish I had taken some.  The food was beautiful and pentiful.  In fact, hubbs and I did a little shopping after our meal to "walk off" some of our over eating!  Since I had to work until 5:00 that day we didn't get much else done after our dinner.  That was December 23rd.

Can you believe it?  I had to work a half day on Christmas Eve!  The kiddos went with their Auntie for the annual Christmas Eve Big Breakfast.  Which I missed out on a kiddo free house because I was at work.  Although, I did get quite a bit of work done however, the phone did not ring and I did not have a single customer walk through the door.  I could have worked from home!  Grrrrr.  On the upside, I did get out with my running sherpa for an awesome 9.5 miles.  It was so great to be outside. 

We had two biking running sherpas with my oldest and I.  My oldest is still preparing for his January joining the Army plan for life.  He is excited for everything except the running.  He...oh my, how can I break this to you all?  It is almost painful to type.  I know you won't understand but we have to be kind to those you just don't get it when it comes to running...and running a lot!  He, he...he hAtEs running!  There.  There I said it.  What is wrong with him? 
(full disclosure:  we don't say that word.  The 'h' one.  Yeah, I know I'm strict.  But I don't believe anyone really every "h"s anyone so I refuse to let my kids use that word towards anything....you see how well they listen to me, don't you?!?!?)

Love the running/biking or not a good time was has by all except for my little sherpa needed a seat adjustment that she waited waaaay too long to have me do.   That resulted in her getting very sore quads!  Sorry, sherpa!
After an awesome run, we all clean up and went to my mother's for dinner before candle light service at our church.  (no pictures)  After service we all head back to mommy's, put on our pjs and exchange gifts!

Not everyone remember to wear cool slipper socks!
Can you guess which ones are mine?? 
Be a follower who is first to e-mail me with the correct answer and you could win a price.

My oldest sis had ME this year and got my this!
It is from Lift Your SoleIt could be my favorite Christmas present.  She works at a store Elaines Wearable Art.  She got me a great chain and two sparkly spacers to spice up my glimmering proclamation of love for running.
Thanks sis!
We got home a bit late and I had mountains of wrapping to get done.  The guys went downstairs and play video games while I wrapped and wrapped and wrapped.  That was Christmas Eve.

Until 3 a.m.  Then my littlest was up and down and up and down again.  Oh by then, the middle one was awake and ready to rip open presents!  So we opened and opened and videoed and took pictures and opened and drank coffee and had a great time. 

Santa was VeRy nICe to me!  I got loads of new running outfits.  Maybe my hubbs was trying to tell me that I have stinky running gear?!?!  Naaaah.  That can't be it.  Can you believe all that stuff?!?
My oldest got me this sweet tee from One More Mile

Hubbs got me some Steeler gear.  Live in PA.  You are required to love the Steelers.  It's in the contract.  The shorts however are soo short I doubt I will ever be allowed to wear them outside of the house.

This came with my great necklace!

This was with mycool  Kick Assphalt running shirt!

And that is not the half of my loot!  I must have been very very good.  Or else, someone wants something from me?  Hummmm.  Our littlest slept in and got to enjoy opening his gifts with everyone's attention.  At 16 months, he loved the "all eyes on me".  After all the gifts, we enjoy breakfast together.
That afternoon we indulged in another big meal.  Yummy!  We played two new games, "Whoonu" and "The Game of Things" and one we often play at get togethers, "Blokus".  We had a great evening.  That was Christmas Day.

We went to the in-laws the next day after a great long run of 10 miles!  Yeah!  I wanted it to be longer but was getting angry eyes from the hubbs who wanted to leave earlier...but no one woke up very early after so little sleep the night before.  Sorry, hubbs but I love my run. 
We had a nice visit (no pictures.  Actually, I took them but don't have the ok to post them).  We did not get home until late (again!  I am getting tired and I need a double run day sooooon!)  That was December 26th.

Today.  If there is actually anyone still reading this terribly long post.  Thank you.  I am grateful for all those you read and share their comments.  With this post you deserve a little extra gratitude, you've come a long way to get way down here.  Thanks!
Back to today, I got outside this morning for my favorite 6.5 loop.  My oldest went along for the first mile.  He was so happy to be doing it, too.  (read: yeah, right!)  I needed some more miles so I hit the treadmill later for 10 more while hubbs (watching the Steeler game) and the oldest (at his friend only going away party) were out of the house.  I joined the game watching for the last quarter...just in time to see them win! and wear my new jersey!   

That's what I did on my Christmas Vacation.   What did you do?


  1. We don't say the "H" word either, I have trained Blaine to say "That is not my favorite." Bummer that your son does not share the same LOVE.

    Wow lady you were crazy SPOILED and I LOVE LOVE all the PINK for sure. I got Pink Brooks Epiphany shorts..

    So funny that you WANTED to go more than 10, I am the same way although I would run a 10 miler every weekend if I could.

    I am guessng you are the white socks or the Penguins, not sure :)

    Sounds like a fun time.. I am been busy running and playing..

  2. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas! What great running loot :) I love the necklace and the T-shirt, they're great!

  3. Was that a running store display or were you really that good this year? Wow! Enjoy it!
    I'm gonna go with the white socks...and I'm still holding out hope that the "h'er" will find some running love in his heart one day!

  4. I have that bumper sticker!! And I love one more mile stuff...I have a lot of their shirts!

  5. Sounds like you had a good run! And geez, I'm super envious of all of your sweet new running gear!

  6. I love that you guys don't use the "h" word, I think I need to get my peeps on that band wagon, too!
    What a beautiful Christmas - and yes, your family def spoiled you! But I am SURE you deserved it! Great runs, too! I had a week of no Garmin on and it was fantastic!

  7. I am so jealous of all the running gear you scored! Wa-hoo!!!!! :) Santa was very good to you and so was the fam!

    Love all the pics, thanks for sharing!!!

  8. You relaly scored with the running gear! Love the charms!

  9. OMG, girl - you WAY scored on the running gear from Santa! You WERE a very good girl. And well you are now dear to my heart - pick is MY favy color!!! I'm a bad offender of the "h" word and I hate that I do it. Hahah. Bad joke. I need to be a better person about that! I absolutely love those charms and feel I really need one :). Thanks for sharing your holidays with us...I feel like I was there with you.

    I'm guessing the penguin socks are yours...but I'm not the first to say so. Nevertheless, I LOVE those feet picture, what an adorable idea!

  10. I love the jewelry! I hope I earn a 26.2 necklace soon! :D

  11. I love all the running stuff you got! You must have been good this year! I got a pair of bamboo running socks that I can't wait to try out. Oh, and I love Lift Your Soul...I have a necklace from there, too.

  12. you got in a bunch of great runs!! I love One More Mile they have some of the funniest shirts!!

    the pics are adorable

  13. Look at all your goodies! I'm so jealous!!! SO CUTE!! The gift from your sister is amazing! I WANT ONE!!!! :)

  14. Nice present haul! Enjoy getting lots of use out of them!