Daily Chatter

Friday, December 18, 2009

Find a Pace Already

I have been running up a storm this week. 61 miles and there is still Saturday. I just wish more of those miles had been outside. I am still failing at slowing down and watching my form on that treadmill. Thurdsday evening I ran 8.5 58:24/6:52.
This morning I got outside for a great run. Not as cold as yesterday morning. I enjoyed breathing some fresh air! 3.5 miles 28:31/8:09 I felt relaxed and aware of my pasture. My foot didn't hurt. My breathing was controlled. I'd like to get my treadmill pace to stick around 7:30-7:45 since a 8 minute mile is a comfortable pace and I'd like to push myself on the treadmill while still using proper form. After all these years of running, I really don't understand why this is such a challenge for me. Some times I do worry far more about simply getting to run vs. caring if I am doing it correctly (read safely). As I get older I need to remind myself that I have to worry about being able to do this thing I love for years to come! So I'd better make sure I am doing it correctly. (Come on Shelly, get it together!)
Looking forward we are in store for was interesting weather over the weekend. I might just get a nice snowy run tomorrow morning. I am excited about that. The kiddos are hoping for some sled riding opportunities. Which would be great! Since we may be stuck in the house I will be trying to secretly get some wrapping done so I can see what I actually have for the kiddos and what I still need to get.
My middle one likes that she has graced the last few blogs via photograph. (She thinks it should become a tradition. Can we say, attention wanting drama queen?) To that end, I will leave you with an interesting photo of my middle one and some interesting things I see everyday on my way to the office.
There is beauty everywhere in everything if only we will take the time to see it.

To all those lucky enough to be racing this weekend, Run Strong!
Only 6 more day to Christmas!


  1. Love the font colors. Those are awesome pictures!

  2. What a cutie! Hope you get some outside running in this weekend!

  3. Again you are FAST!! Love it.

    Look at that PRETTY PRETTy girl, you are sooo right there is BEAUTY everywhere..

    Hugs to a fun weather weekend. Stay safe.