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Friday, December 4, 2009

One More Run...

....and then what will I do?

I will put in one more run before the half on Sunday. I am filled with so much nervousness and excitement you would like it’s my first and that it was a full marathon.

Race organizers should not tell us so much about the race. I mean really! Do I really know to know in graph, street view and topological map styles that their course is going to try and kill my legs? NNNNNOOOOOOOOO! No. I do not. Did I really NEED to see this?

Maybe they could just give us a quick glance over of the course, a general feel of the race might suffice. Who is to say that I would not run better if I did not have this battle going on inside my head knowing that I am going to run 13.1 miles (if the course is accurate!) of some of the steepest and longest grades I will have ever run in a race. Did I really need to know that before hand? Again. No.

I keep trying to visualize a successful run. An enjoyable run. However, this picture keeps popping into my head. Information, Ugh! I only need to know one thing; how far do I have to run. That is enough!

Okay, my rant (attempt at humorously ranting) is over. I wanted to show Tara (http://diylibrarian.org/) what I will probably look like at the race. She is volunteering since she recently ran a marathon. Thanks! She has offered to cheer for me. Thanks again! I may be running this completely alone. (Don’t cry for me. I have run full marathon all by myself too. It’s my unfortunate situation.) Hubbs may stay home with the kids. The details are not worked out. Anyway, here I am:

I thought this picture was funny since I have gotten really overtly long hair right now. I thought I’d share it to amuse you. My son caught me turning into the driveway after my run. I got out this morning for a short 3.5 (28:08/8:02). My dogs were excited. They had just chased a black bear across the property and into the fields behind me; hopefully he was headed to the mountain in the background. I was an exciting morning. What will the day hold in store?

Good Luck to all the runners this busy weekend!

Leave me a comment with your mileage over the weekend. Let’s see what kind of a total we can come up with (race or training). It might make for a great competition to see just how many miles we can do!


  1. Love the pictures!! PInk girl..

    That is a whole lot of HAIR..

    Oh My hills...I am so curious to see how that topography relates to pace. Wowzers!!

  2. That is a crazy layout for the run - but I am sure you are gonna do great! Just pretend to be surprised!!
    Wow, your dogs chased a black bear! You my friend do live an exciting life!
    Good luck to you on Sunday - I will be sending lots of good thoughts your way as I hit my own 26.2 starting line :)

  3. Wow...those are some wicked hills. Did I just say that outloud? Cuz I meant to say that in my head as to not freak ya out! Ha. You will do great, I am confident of that! Relax on the uphills; wiggle your shoulders as to not tense up and shorten your stride.

    I love the hair - FUN!! I have been trying to grow mine for Locks For Love but at my old age, it ain't working well cuz I look like I'm trying to be 15. I'll give it a few more months.

    Run STRONG!!!!

  4. Holy mother of mountains that is some exciting topography!...said this flatlander...really I think it's better you know in advance what you're in for.
    Have a wonderful race---you look mahvelous!

  5. You are so fast, you will be flying up those hills, no problem. Hope you have a good run.

  6. Just dropped in from the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge after seeing that you ran with your 19 year old in a stroller. You are doing great in the challenge, what an inspiration you are with two kids still at home and one of them a toddler! I ran with my son, now 25, in a Baby Jogger when it was a real stretch for our budget for me to buy such a thing. Then I graduated to 2 of them in a double Baby Jogger. I have not been a walker for 21 years but am trying to add a bit of running back in. Good luck in your half tomorrow. You are going to surge ahead in the points contest! Where do you live to have such gorgeous mountains?

  7. Sandy - Great to read that I am not the only one who had been doing this running road a while with kids. I still have all 3 at home (until January). I am very close with my eldest son so it will be a challenge. He remembers the stroller he had to indure! No way I could have gotten a jogger back then! Thank goodness for my two youngest they each had a comfy jogger (each time they were gifts from my "adopted" mom) Although now I would have given up other things to make sure I had one. With kids spread out over the years I will be using it a lonng time.
    We are in southwestern PA. Very rural area. I live in a cove created by two mountain ranges. It is literally heaven for outdoor running.
    Have a super weekend. You need a blog/email so I can keep in touch with you!

  8. I learned in Baltimore that I am horrible at translating an elevation chart into real life- but even I can see, that is a HUGE hill!!! Have fun :)

  9. Hope you enjoyed the race today! I was out there braving the elements too. Looked for you in your pink outfit but must have been way too far behind you in the pack to spot you.

  10. Those are great photos - the pups look happy to see you.

    That graph really DOES look daunting.... I have just read your race report, so clearly it was deceiving.

    You'll be ready to kill this race next year if you choose to do it again.