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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Free Stuff, Squeaks and Race Swag

Free Stuff.  aka A Giveaway!

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So I was running on my treadmill tonight squeezing in 12 miles.  You know treadmill, I've mentioned him before.  No, he does not have a name.  Well, if he does I never caught it.  Because our relationship is not a cordial one.  We are not friends.  It is somewhat of a working relationship.  I don't really spend time with him outside of my work(outs).  I mean it's not like we hangout together.  And since he does not read my blog, it's not like I really like him all that much.
Don't get me wrong I do know I know am lucky to have him here, in the house, for me to jump on and run when the weather is bad or the kiddos don't want Mommy to go joggy again BUT (you knew it was coming, didn't you?).  BUT.  Treadmill is either tired of us not talking and is attempting communication or he has got a serious problem.  Because he squeaks.  Now Hubbs had tried lubricating whatever little bits are to be lubricated and he has purchased me a new belt (which is still not on yet) but for now treadmill squeaks.  I have been attempting to decipher his language on the odd chance that it is an attempt at real communication.  (My luck, he is probably just yelling at me to get my big butt off of him!)  But I have had little success.  So for now I on treadmill with headphone because I am watching movies to help the distance pass.
Tonight I watched Valkyrie.  There will be more on that later.

Race Swag.

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  1. Sorry about the squeks.. You should be careful posting things about your tredmill, I have heard the electronic items talk.. YOur computer may tell your TV who will for sure tell treadmill. Just sayin.. LOVe the Giveaway..

  2. Running on a treadmill is bad enough without it squeaking at you! You are a dedicated runner to endure that misery.

    Maybe he's trying to tell you his name is "Squeaky".

  3. My treadmill squeaks at me all the time ... pretty much every time I've run on it for the last year. Maybe they are all teaming up and planning a takeover ... they must be sick and tired of being stepped on.

    Funny post and great giveaway!

  4. Ack, a squeaky treadmill! Crank the music!

  5. Me and Mr. Tready have never had a good relationship either. And if he squeaks, forget it.

    Happy New Year!!!