Daily Chatter

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Just not one of those runs

Last night I was plodding along - in one place - on the treadmill.  Army Son was out doing his Christmas shopping and the kiddos were playing upstairs.  I hadn't gotten out in the morning so I had more miles than I wanted to put in yet to do. 
That was kind of the theme of the entire run.  I simply couldn't get into the right state of mind.  I was thrilled when a delivery interrupted the run.  I was happy when LBM needed a diaper change mid run. 
It just wasn't one of those kind of runs.

Day# 227 ~ 3.5 am rum

This morning however, I popped out of bed to get S'ghetti girl off to school.  LBM slept through it all.  
Army Son was still in bed asleep.  So I did what any running mom would do.
I quickly pulled on my gear and ran out the door.
Now this morning was one of those runs! 

The bonus:  they never even knew I was gone.

Have you ever done that?  Left kiddos in bed to go for a run?
please note that there was still a semi-grown up available for a screaming little kiddo who might wake up


  1. Sometimes you just have to jump at the chance, right? I'd do it! Glad you were able to enjoy some of your happy miles outdoors to make up for a less-than-wonderful treadmill run.


  2. well i don't have kids but i remember being on break with my little sister home sick from school and the second she was out like a light i was out on the roads!

  3. Love the contrast between the two runs! Good for you!

  4. I would have totally done the same thing! I wish I had a semi-adult. LOL

  5. every single morning but my wife is home too. By the time I'm back, nobody is still up.

  6. when we've visited my parents (or vice versa) I take the opportunity to run : whether the kids are asleep or not! I do try to run during naps or while they are sleeping usually (not lately) so they don't whine/cry while I'm gone.

  7. I spent the summer constantly trying to get sneak out early in the morning before the boys wake up. Now, with it so dark early and the tears that meet me at the door, it just hasn't been worth it. Maybe next year, when they are a little older.
    Great job on your morning run.

  8. I didn't run when my kids were little, but if I were in your situation I would totally do it. My kids are teens and are generally comotose through most of my early morning runs. They don't seem to notice much when I'm here or not anyway. :)

    Hope you're enjoying your time with Army Son home.

  9. Running outside beats running inside hands down. Glad you got a good run in.

  10. I've done than often but just like you never a small kid alone. Most mornings my family sleep through my getting up, go run, come back and do core and upper body work. They wake up when I get out of the shower.