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Thursday, December 23, 2010

When you don't even know

I spent my morning run remembering a very cold day when Hubbs and I stood before this man (P) a long time family friend and our minister as we promised to spend our lives together.
With our current living situation Hubbs and I didn't talk this morning to wish each other happy Anniversary.  I sent a text and he emailed me.  Romantic, I know.  But for us it's okay we will see each other tonight.  I did however run into P while I was out briefly during my work day. 
He was with his family on his way for a doctor appointment.
He is battling cancer.

When he saw me his face lit up, arms went out and he greeted me with a long hug.  As we hugged he told me how he was thinking of that cold day long ago too.  He remembered little things about our freezing cold service.  We were married in a very old church building that was the beginning site of the church I belong to now. 
There is not heat. 
The building has a lot of history for me.  I used to play in it all the time when I was a child because they never locked it then. 

How great it was to know that P was lifting us up in prayer and celebrating with us this morning.
Despite what P is facing today, struggling to have tomorrow, his thoughts were still on others.

This is the kind of person who was with Hubbs and I as we stood before God.
Now that's a reason to celebrate. 
So today instead of telling you how very much I love my husband and how much we have each grown because of the other, I wanted to tell you about the kind of person I pray we will each become.  Because without him and all the many many times he prayed for us; when I didn't even know he was, Hubbs and I might not be celebrating our anniversary.

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband
and Thank You to our wonderful friend who started it all.
God Bless you P.
Sorry no wedding day photos.  This is S'ghetti girls dedication which P performed also.



  1. Happy Anniversary. It's my running partner's anniversary today as well. Hope everything goes well for your friend in his fight against cancer.

  2. happy anniversary! :)

  3. happy anniversary!!

    (loved this post...)

  4. awwww...Happy Anniversary! May your union continue to grow stringer each day =)

  5. Happy Anniversary! What number are you up to?

  6. Happy anniversary! Now, go celebrate with a run! :)

  7. Happy Anniversary. Hoping you and your family have a wonderful Christmas celebration. Enjoy every moment.