Daily Chatter

Friday, December 10, 2010

Just a Country Girl Running

The snow is coming. 
The upper end of the ridge line was whited out as the snow crept it's way down the cove as I ran this morning.
Yeah, outside!
I made it back just as the flakes began to fall around me. 
I wish I had more time since I love running in the snow.

Day # 215 ~ 3.5 / 26:32

I didn't get up super early since LBM was up coughing through the night and we had very little sleep.  Even though I really wanted to just crawl back into bed after I got S'ghetti girl on the bus I knew I had to get outside for a few miles.
With weather shield and heating pad in place we headed up the road. 
My pace felt easy the first mile which often happens after being stuck inside for so long but when I looked at my time I knew I was going to have a great run.
I just went with whatever my legs could give me and it felt comfortable.
After reading some other posts this morning, I know that I fall into running most of my runs without a pre-determined pace.  I wish I cared more about that but I don't.
I typically run because I love doing it.
Do I regret this training method in some race?
You bettcha!
I know that structured training produced predictable results.

But right now and into the beginning of the New Year, life is just real good remembering that I am simply a country girl who loves to run trying to raise country kids who I'll always be able to catch!


  1. I'm like you - I plan miles but not pace. Maybe someday I'll work on that to improve upon my slowness, but not now.

    And YAY for snow!

  2. (btw, if your streak continues much longer, you'll have a whole YEAR in your sights!!)

  3. omgosh that looks freaking COLD. I seriously got goosebumps looking at your photo.

  4. I think it's awesome that you run that way. I get too caught up in what miles/what pace I should be doing every day. A little less structure is a healthy thing!

  5. I *LOVE* the way you run "ust to run" - it's a beautiful thing. And you are fast, woman! :) Glad you got your dose of fresh air!!

  6. You look ***COLD***.
    I love the cold and snow :-)

  7. looks so cold!! but at least finally you got to go out!!!!

  8. Cute hat :). No snow here, dry and 60 degrees. I am sure I just jinxed that!

  9. Love that last statement. Sometimes I lose sight of my long term goal to just keep running. Glad to hear you were final able to get off the mill.

  10. " I am simply a country girl who loves to run trying to raise country kids who I'll always be able to catch!" -- I love this. I hope to have another one which I hope I'll still be able to catch. =)

    Ok, secretly, that's really why I'm training so hard. LOL ;p

  11. Love that you're a country girl, that is perfect :) I'm not always running for pace, but I do always shoot for miles. I think that there is a time and place for everything, and right now you're doing what you need to be doing, running for you ;)
    Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy the snow lucky lady!

  12. Hooray, you finally got outside! Glad you enjoyed your run. There's nothing like running out in the country.

    I wonder who invented the treadmill, a runner, or someone who wanted to punish runners?

    Cheers and happy running,