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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Love Letter to the Outdoors

Day # 212 ~ Inside again

I sat and watched you yesterday as I wored.  There you were so close and yet 10 days have passed since we were last together.  

You may think that the time I have spent with treadmill has lessened my feelings for you but that is not true.  I go through the motions but I never enjoy the time spent with treadmill as much as with you.  He just doesn't give me all those little extras that shows how well he knows me.  
You give me endless roads and trails, beautiful views, wildlife and nature to enrich my miles that nothing could ever substitute.  

So although I have been gone you are not forgotten and I will counts the days - and stalk 
weather.com - to know when we can be together again.

Always yours in running
-- Sent from my Palm Pre


  1. I hope you will be reunited soon! I could not handle 10 days straight of treadmill running.

  2. you are so strong mentally for handling all that TM running!

  3. (: There is nothing better than running outside.

  4. awwww there, there. At least you can still run. I can't run on treadmills coz it always hurts my knee =(

  5. I'm starting to not mind the treadmill because I really hate the cold, but I hope you and the road are reunited SOON.

  6. No dreadmill for me. I'm waiting for snow. Cold I can do(16 degrees tomorrow for my run) Happy it's only going to be 3 miles though!

  7. I don't own a treadmill, because I love the outdoors. Luckily, I don't mind the cold and I also live in Texas. Hopefully you will get out there soon.

  8. Oh, hang in there. It will get better! The outdoors isn't going anywhere. It's still there

    I hear you about the treadmill though. I swear, when the weather is bad I often have no choice and oh dear, how long one mile can be!

    Cheers and happy running,

  9. I'd take outside running over treadmill running...any day!