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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

SUAR tagged me...does that make me famous too?

Beth at Shut Up and Run tagged me to answer a few questions about me.  
Good topic.  I think I'll get the answers all right!

What are you most proud of accomplishing in 2010?

I am most proud of making the switch to ultra distances this year.  I have been wanting to move off the road and see just how far I am capable of going.  This year I not only did it but just like my first year of marathon running, I did three.  Thanks family!

What are your running goals for 2011?

50 miles and beyond.

What was your favorite race?

My favorite race from 2010 was the
Skyline Challenge Trail 50k.
No race photog but great aid stations, great volunteers,
nice race shirt, the best views of any race, 
great cookout after and a cool river to sit in after all those miles.
It was in July which might make you think it was hot but I lucked into rain which I love to run in and rain makes mud which makes trail running way more fun.  For me the day simply fell into place and it was the best race of my life! 
What is your favorite holiday guilty pleasure?

Way too many carbs...of any kind.
What is your most embarrassing running moment?

Which CFE (corn field emergency) would that be?

Tag at least four people who comment on your blog.

Marlene of Mission to a(nother) Marathon
Jess of 21 Days
Jill of Run with Jill
Heather of View from the Shoe
if you were already tagged, sorry but you were my first four comments on my last post.
Thanks for being there with me!


  1. I love reading these! I would love to do an ultra someday. But first I need to get good at distances up to the marathon...that's what 2011 is for!

  2. CFE! I love it. Thanks for playing along.

  3. Fun answers!!! And yes, you are definitely famous by association. So now I am sort of famous too. Thanks for the tag! :D

  4. What a great year - can't wait to see what all you do in 2011!

  5. I will give go next time I sit down to post.


  6. you seriously have had the most incredibly running year, I mean almost a whole year of running every day!!

  7. well it certainly WILL
    s o m e h o w

    YAY on the 50!!

  8. great answers! and i agree that mud is awesome for trail running. i just hate the whole "it must rain" part ;)

  9. Got a busy year coming up. I can't imagine doing a 50 mile run!

  10. Cute answers. I love CFE ... definitely have experience those, though not in the comfort of a corn field. That would be an ideal location.

  11. I can't wait to see how far you go in 2011. I love reading your fb updates with how far you've ran everyday! (I really wish daily mile would get a phone app already!)

  12. ME? I'm tagged? :)

    Hey girl...50+ miles require tons o carbs - they're what fuel you! Can't wait to see your 50 journey...and hopefully in 2011 we can manage a girl's 50k run together!!! Would be the highlight of my year!

  13. I just noticed your side bar - 50K?! As in 10 times as long as a 5K?! How do you do it? I love to run, but I don't love it that much :) Actually, I"m just trying to get back into it. Trying to be the operative word here.

  14. You are totally famous. Love your blog and your running adventures.