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Monday, December 27, 2010

Our Holiday

Our holiday activities started bright and early with the cousins breakfast.  My younger sister started a tradition of taking her nieces and nephews out the morning before Christmas for breakfast.  What started as a group of four has grown a little over the years.  Although she is now accompanied by her husband, Hubbs and I decided to join the fun and offer another set of hands to help keep the little ones under control plus we got to visit and enjoy a healthy breakfast together. 

Christmas Eve ~ Day # 229 ~ 10 miles
I know you love the headphones!

And by healthy I meant completely yummy but not so good for me so after breakfast Hubbs and Army son went to finish shopping and the little kids and I went home so I could run.
(Runner first)

After Christmas Eve service at church we all gathered at my mother's house for our gift exchange. 
Biking Sherpa loves Hello Kitty.  Could you guess?

Christmas Eve at my mom's is another wonderful tradition that we all love.  We mostly love the hanging out in our pjs part.  The guys don't join in that part.  This year's main event was my BIL cutting himself with a knife trying to open a toy for his little boy.  Today's packaging, that's a post for another day.
BIL ended up going for 4 stitiches and otherwise is fine.

Christmas morning we woke up to a steady snowfall.  It really made it feel like Christmas.

LBM was not so sure about the need to get up early and Army son has been enjoying going to bed and awaking up when he wants to, a luxury he will not have for very long.
But S'ghetti girl could not have waited another minute! 
She was just a excited to give out her gifts as she was to get them.

Our Christmas day was wonderful.  We exhanged gifts in the morning and enjoyed a day spent together.
We shared another lingering meal with our families and left the distractions at home.
I'd say one of the best gifts we received was simply the gift of time.
Time to be together.  Time to actually listen to one another. 
Time to take a breath.
Time to see who we each really are and what we mean to each other.

Day after Christmas ~ Day # 131 ~ 15 miles

....and time to run!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. Looks like a great Christmas!!!!

  2. So true: time is the most precious gift we have. Enjoy the rest of the time with your family.

  3. Sounds like a fantastic holiday. So nice that you were all able to celebrate together.

  4. The gift of time: love that! And so true. :)

  5. love the whole fam breakfast! i just think traditions like that are so amazing.

    so glad your whole family could be together, safe and happy

  6. Looks like a lot of fun!

    RE: the kid toy packaging: I agree it's ridiculous, not to mention wasteful, how much and how complicated the packaging for toys is. So much cardboard, so many plastic-y twisty ties! And for what? Silly.

  7. It's so wonderful to have family around at Christmas. Your family sounds like it's really close.

  8. Looks like a wonderful memorable Christmas filled with family and lots of LOVE! Enjoy!

  9. Ahhh, you know that gift of time so well...Army son here one day and gone the next. But it's the memories we get to hold so close and take with us on those special runs by ourselves, so we can bring the wonderful memories to the forefront! There's nothing that feels better!

    So glad you had a wonderful Christmas!!! :)

  10. family time is great. So glad you had a great Christmas. My Mom is 80, and we cherish everyone Christmas was have with her. She is an absolute treasure.

  11. Love this! My husband works all the time, and I told him a lot this past weekend, that it was just nice to have him there... and fully present, not thinking about work responsibilities. The gift of time is so precious!

  12. look slike u had a lovely holiday! :)