Daily Chatter

Friday, December 17, 2010

A Quick Question

Today is Day # 222
It kind of feels like a new kind of milestone.
I like the number.

In fact I have been noticing that I am seeing loads of duplicate numbers, like when I look at the clock or check my watch during a run.  It's been happening often. 

Speaking of numbers noticing numbers I asked a question on DM and FB the other day.  You know DM, right?  Daily Mile is a resource many of us use to track and share our workouts.  I started using Daily Mile to show my runs for last years HBBC and now due to the connections I've made and another great round of the HBBC I continue to post my runs on Daily Mile.

After a recent morning run, I posted my run time
and asked if any of the moms could tell me what a 23 19 was.

No one knew.

So I am asking again since many of you don't follow me on DM or on FB,

What do you think of when I say, 23 19?

Counting down to Christmas
Always room for a random photo of the kids.
What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. Isn't that from Monster's Inc? We've got a 23-19!!!

    Or maybe I'm just crazy? Remains to be seen...

  2. I'm on daily mile, but I'm going to use a different ticker to follow my runs..

  3. Becky beat me to it!! LOVE MOSTERS INC!

  4. MONSTER'S INC!!! One of my all time favorite kids movies....

  5. I had noooo clue. Hmm, maybe I should watch Monsters Inc.

    Have a great weekend!!!

  6. guess i should watch monsters, inc apparently. but i love duplicate numbers so i love that today = 222 :)

  7. Saw Monsters, didn't love it, so yeah, that number wouldn't have stuck. :) Congrats on 222!

  8. My kids are a bit old. I was clueless.

  9. love monsters inc! =)
    just costco shopping with the mom =)

  10. I totally knew it was Monsters INC!!!! Love love love that movie!