Daily Chatter

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Three Things Thursday - and then some.

I recently won a gift certificate to a wonderful company Zoe Clothing Company.
Their clothing is faith inspired.  I love using creative ways to begin a conversation with someone who you may otherwise have not gotten the chance to influence.
The downside is nothing I ordered fits.
Didn't I just post about realizing my true size?
Yes.  Yes I did.

The kids and I started decorating the Christmas tree.  So far all that is on the tree aside from the lights are all the homemade decorations that the kids have made over the years.  S'ghetti girl thought that the tree was pretty crowded already.  LBM decided to enjoy the beauty by being our first present under the tree.
Now he's a LBM-in-the-box.

I am still on the treadmill most runs.  Usually only getting outside in the early morning and the weekends now.  The upside is the increased mileage and the ability to do a little speed work since I am not pushing the stroller while I am on the mill.  The downside is the loss of resistance from pushing the stroller.  It's amazing how much "softer" my arms and core are from not running with the stroller.
Poor LBM will be in the stroller until he is 15 just so I can consolidate my workouts!
But for now I am adding in my yoga and weights after running when I can. 

And incase you were wondering - and I know you were - it's day
just sayin'


  1. Too bad about the clothes! Will they exchange for you?

    I love that your tree is made up of all handmade ornaments. True meaning!

  2. Faith inspired clothing? way too cool.

    221 - amazing.

    [oh and the ring-thing, not really - totally sure why, guess just a personal decision?! Did it without thinking much about it?! ;) which is "normal" for me] ;)

  3. yay christmas tree decorating! it was so much fun when i did it a few weeks ago. and WOW 221?! that's so awesome. what's your secret to not getting injured?

  4. If you're pushing that pram until LBM is 15, you're going to be entered into the Guinness Book of Records for the World's Strongest Woman.

  5. home-made decorations made by kids is LOVE =) Cute tree but the kid is cuter =) *bite*

  6. I'm just happy that all 221 of those have been injury free! Keep it up!!!

  7. our tree has mostly homemade ornaments and they are my favorite, I keep them all

  8. 221 - that's awesome. I think I'd be burnt out. Great job!