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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Three Things Thursday

Day # 214 ~ 3.5 morning miles

I have been tired for the past week and a half.  With all the extra activities of the holidays I am not surprised.  I do wonder if all the running-in-one-place has anything to do with it?
Not the fact that I am putting in extra miles (hello!  HBBC points!) but the fact that I am not getting outside to run.  Winter storms, wind and a sick LBM have kept me inside for 10 days now. 
I think I get something from running outside that simply moving my body in the same motion inside does not give me.
I hope tomorrow morning to finally end the running-in-one-place streak!

I am trying to be more creative.
I made this wreath for my mom. 
Shhh!  She is my secert sister for church. 
She sews and makes quilts for new babies in the area. 
I think it needs more balls on it.
What do you think?

I had to take cat who still has no name to the vet yesterday.  Then I get a call from our sitter that LBM is complaining that his lower back hurts.  She called and told me this yesterday also however that evening he only showed the same symptoms that he has had, runny nose, coughing and flushed cheeks.  But this call she felt he needed to go to the doctor. 
I work.
But being the good mommy, I promptly called the doctor who of course wants my money felt it would be a good idea to take a look at him.  So I left work with a mountain of papers on my desk to run to the doctor.  Great I thought, I can also pick up the cat from the vet and not make a special trip.
I thought what great timing!
Of course, LBM turns out to be just fine.  A cold.  Watch his coughing, keep him hydrated, take his temp, blah blah blah.
We go to the vet.  They are just now working on cat. 
No LBM we can't see cat.  He has to spend the night.
Oh and we can't pick him up tomorrow....
by 4:30.
Great.  I work until 5:00.


  1. awwwww love it! i need a wreath for my apartment

  2. awesome thursday post! love it!

  3. GREAT T's love it.

    running-in-one-place . . . .just reorganize the things infront of you. ;)

  4. The wreath is cute. Maybe a few more balls.

    I love running outside but I tend to get stuck running inside most of the time.

  5. I'm sure you're onto something with the need to get outside...something therapeutic about it. I love the wreath--I think you get major creativity points! Hang in there with the hectic schedule.

  6. Isn't that work things a P.I.T.A! Gets in the way of all the fun.

    Running in one place just isn't the same. Hope you can get outside soon.

  7. I agree with you...outside is better...you will get there...
    hang in there!!!

  8. I see some pink in the wreathe so me likey! hope the cat gets well and you run outside soon =)

  9. great post. Outside is always so much better but sometimes there is no choice

  10. your blogger header picture is a tease on days like today! i miss my shorts and tank top!

  11. I agree with Bethany! LOL!

    Sounds like life has been hectic this week, I will keep my fingers crossed you get an outdoors run to brighten up your face! :)

  12. I totally agree that running outside gives a little something extra.

    Hope everyone feels better and the weather cooperates soon.

  13. I was just thinking yesterday how outside running does a little more for me than a treadmill ever can. I think the wreath looks great! Hope everyone feels better soon.

  14. Outside running keeps it real and fresh! Awesome wreath!

  15. Ahhh...outside running! I love winter, but these slippery streets make me wish for summer running...

  16. 'Tis the season!!

    I'm sure the lack of sunlight and fresh air are not helping... hope you can get out again soon!!!

    And I hope Kitty and LBM are doing better. When it rains......