Daily Chatter

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Days in my life

In typical holiday fashion life has been busy.  I have been putting in my miles both inside and outside keeping my base mileage around 50 - 60 miles per week through the holidays knowing that March and my first known races of 2011, will be here before I am ready for it. 

We are blessed to have Army Son home with us through the holidays.   
The family hasn't been together for about a year so we have a lot of catching up to do in what little time we have.  Army Son has a large group of friends to spend time with also and he's need to find some solitude before he goes back to share nearly every minute of life with his battle buddies.

We all made sugar cookies at my sister's house.  The kids have fun decorating each cookie and everyone enjoys testing the end results. 

It is a really nice way for all the cousins to get together, share a tradition and make memories. 
LBM currently believes he IS Buzz Lightyear.  He worn his Buzz outfit all weekend long.  Last night I finally got him to let me wash it!  I told him the lasers wouldn't work if it got any dirtier.

Day # 225 ~ p.m. run 10.5 miles

And that brings me back to running.  Last night on the treadmill since my helper Army Son was out visiting with friends.  I am getting used to the routine but miss taking LBM out in the stroller. 

Who knew that I would actually miss pushing that heavy ackward thing?!
Soon enough, right?


  1. family time is nice!
    enjoy it!

  2. so happy that army son is home for the holiday. i'm guessing that feels beyond amazing! enjoy :)

  3. Oh how wonderful you son is home for the holidays!...the best gift right? he is with you and you know he is safe...happy holidays to you!

  4. Great family pictures!! Looks like you are having a wonderful Christmas season with your family!

  5. Enjoy this holiday with family. I know you will!

  6. Haha! I miss pushing my 45 pounds around in the winter. LI will be 5 1/2 in the summer and I'm seriously thinking that I may keep him in it a bit longer; the core workout is great. But, then, once I get him on his bike, another door will have opened for me.
    Enjoy the time with your family. Don't you love holidays?

  7. Christmas traditions are the best - especially ones that involve making then eating.

  8. Aww, I'm so glad your Army son is back for a visit! It must be hard to have him away. Happy holidays!!

  9. YAY for having army son home! Keep enjoying that family time... and the miles too!

  10. Just getting all caught up! Although, I did know Army Son was home - I'm hoping you are enjoying every minute of it!
    Good work with all the miles, you amaze ME!
    Have a wonderful week!

  11. Nothing better than quality time with family!

  12. Enjoy being surrounded by your family this holiday season!