Daily Chatter

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's feast or famine

I admit it. 
I'm a stalker.
Yesterday morning couldn't come fast enough.
Because that morning
registration opens....

at 9 p.m. EST tonight.

I missed that last little bit of information when I last
every day for the past three weeks
diligently check their website.
But you know where I was a 8:59 p.m. last night...

Frantically trying to remember my Ultra Signup password.


What amazes me most is that I haven't even survived completed my fall schedule of racing
one so far of which is another 50 Miler
and I am frantic to get into my spring races.

All summer it was a racing desert around here
but now I'm trying to pack'em in like a Thanksgiving dinner!

I wasn't completely crazy for jumping on the registration though
only 20 minutes after registration opened
almost half the field was filled.
as if this morning only 130 spots left

That's crazy for an Ultra.

Do you like to run repeat races?  Or do you look for new races year to year?


  1. I was there at 9:00 PM exactly too! See you there in March!

  2. Can't blame you...when I love a race, I go back time and again, even if it means sitting at the computer waiting to sign up! Hope you got in.

  3. That's one popular ultra!! Glad you got in. I never wait to register for the ones that are important to me.

  4. I am with you....if I love a race I keep going back for more!

  5. I like some degree of repetition. There are a few races that I run every year without fail, for instance: a turkey trot 5K near my home, I haven't missed in 7 years.

  6. Good for you for planning ahead and getting a spot in that very popular race! By looking at my race bling it appears I have a tendency to do lots of races twice. I tried to shake out of that rut that year and mix it up a little.

  7. It says a lot about how keen Ultra runners are.