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Thursday, November 18, 2010

33 miles in one pair of socks

This morning, Day # 193, I got out for a solo run because Hubbs had unexpectedly come home late last night.  It was wonderful to have him home and so nice to get outside to enjoy the brisk morning without the jogging stroller.  My run was made more peaceful knowing my son and husband were warm and snuggled in bed and our daughter was safely on her way to school.
When I was done I had this little face waiting to greet me!

For my run I matched right down to my socks
yes, I am still in love with this shirt...or too lazy to put on something else.  you pick.
Okay you can't see them but they are Sof Sole Coolmax Trainer Socks.

They are white and blue just like my outfit and some of my pairs are a little yellow too from all the dirt they have had ground into them.
evidence of my lack of  wonderful laundry skills

In fact, I wore these sock during my Ultra on Halloween.  
I had even packed a pair in my drop bad incase I needed to change from the water crossings.
These socks were amazing! 
Although there was water and my shoes did get a little wet my feet stayed dry and blister free.
I didn't change my socks at the "half" way oasis (aka aid station) because my feet were feeling comfortable and dry.
That's one pair of Sof Sole Socks and 33 miles.
Now Sof Sole socks are my running socks and honestly, I keep several pair for casual wearing because they are so sofe and comfortable.  S'ghetti girl tries to steal them when her knee highs are all in the wash because of their softness.  If S'ghetti girl knew that they offer a high knee, she'd live in them!...humm maybe a stocking stuffer idea?!

But don't take my word for it, go visit their site or your local sportings goods store and see for yourself the variety of socks and insoles Sof Sole has to help your feet enjoy fitness goals!


  1. I may have to try these. I run in the OLD school Thorlo's [yes, they still make them] ;)

  2. nice socks. i always try to match everything in all my outfits hahah

  3. adorable as usual! And, thanks for the review on the socks

  4. I am going to have to get me some of those:)

  5. I LOVE under armour apparel. That is what I usually work out in.

  6. Girl I seriously wish I looked as matchy-matchy adorable during my runs as you and TMB always do!!!

  7. I have some socks on the way from SofSole - they sound fantastic! Can't wait to try these babies out.

    Glad you had a nice solo run this AM! What a treat. :)

  8. Now that's an ad for a pair of socks if I ever heard one! I wore my same old socks/shoes in last weekend's marathon and got mega bloody blisters. How does that happen when it doesn't in training?

  9. Sounds like a great pair of socks. Will put them on my list to check out!

  10. I won 3 pairs of those socks at a giveaway and I LOVE them. =)

  11. I may have to give those a whirl! Congrats on 193...that's amazing!

  12. I'm stalking Google as we speak, to find out how and where I can get those in Holland!

  13. Socks are mega important on the long trails. It's great that you found what works well for you. Nothing better than having your kids waiting at home. Have a good weekend!

  14. Socks are so important! I know I am obsessed with my favorites!