Daily Chatter

Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 180

This is what Day # 180 looks like.
Exhausted and Exhilrated.

I got my foot back into my trail shoes (the only ones that didn't hurt my still slightly swollen toe) and did my normal morning miles....OUTSIDE!
3.5 miles ~ 27:58
It was so great to be outside and I was thrilled to see my pace was back where it should be.
I am still waiting on race photos because of course I didn't take a single one until after I peeled out of my drenched race clothes and huddled around the fire.
I will hopefully have some photos and insights to share with you soon.
Until then check out these giveaways all at the wonderful
Running Diva Mom!
She is one crazy busy runner mom.

Unless you've been under a rock you all know I have been running everyday without a rest day, 180 to be exact. so I NEEEED to win some compression socks to ease my tired legs! Luckily my Friend Running Diva Mom is hosting a giveaway! head over and tell her I sent you!!

Running Diva Mom is also hosting a Flashbright giveaway. 
Gee I could have used that when we were trick-or-treating!

Running Diva Mom is also hosting a giveaway from Treasured by Holly. 
She has these awesome knit hats!  S'ghetti girl will love them.  I'm afraid my crazy curls won't smash down enough to fit under there.  I'll have to review them to see how sturdy they are.
How she can find to the time to do everything she is doing baffles me!

Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. 180 days AND after an ultra!! You're pretty amazing! And yes, I think you need those compression socks!

  2. I hope you win those socks. Compression socks feel wonderful on sore aching calves.

  3. Amazing. That is all ;)
    Enjoy your weekend, looking forward to the pics!
    P.S. LOVED the pic of Army Son on FB ;)

  4. 180. Amazing.

    Seriously. amazing.

    and thank you for your comment today. brought tears to my eyes. I. must. meet. you. one. day.

  5. 180!!! Holy cow. You are amazing! I can't even imagine! Way to go!

  6. #180 and still looking awesome. good job mama!

  7. 180 days?? you are amazing lady, I couldnt even make 10.. Hugs keep it up..

  8. I thought you had CEP's. With 180 days under your belt, you deserve an extra pair - or two.
    Amazing job!

  9. YAY! Glad you were able to get outside for a run! Can't wait to see some race photos.

    Good luck with the sock giveaway... if anyone needs them, it is you!

  10. looking forward to the pictures! hurry! :)

  11. Day 180 looks awesome!!! Congratulations.