Daily Chatter

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Three Things Thursday

Day # 178 ~ p.m. run

1.  Sore
It has been 3 days since I was gloriously running through the woods.
The memories are still fresh in my mind...
...and not just because I am reminded with every step.

Yeah, I was sore.
I don't like to admit that.
I typically only have a day or maybe two when my legs are a bit tight and tender after a really long trail event but this race kicked my...well, legs.
(This morning, day four after, my legs are finally feeling normal again.)

2. Barefoot
And one toe.
Usually I'd think only one was great!
But this little bad boy is really hurting.
I can hear Angie's voice telling me that it is all because of the shoes!
So last night I took them off and did my four miles on the treadmill.
It was nice to run without my toe screaming at me.

Barefoot treadmill run - I spared you a clear photo of my boo-boo toe

3. Dragons and talking toys
I was a good girl and only did 4 miles.  The low mileage is driving me crazy but I stopped. 
Today is day # 179 and will be another treadmill run where I can mentally rerun those gorgeous trails as long as the kiddos are entertained by fire breathing dragons or animated talking toys.
I have to do something to offset the amount of food I want to eat and four miles just doesn't feel like it is cutting it!

This just couldn't wait!
Skinny Runner is hosting a SPI belt giveaway.
I NEED this.  3 Ultras and barely a photo.
How better to share my adventures and convert you all to ultra trail runners than to show you all the beauty that is 30+ miles in the forest!
So go over and check it out but if you win you could always just Christmas gift it to me.
okay I'm really not that selfish...only selfish about actual running.


  1. I am sooooooooooooooo impressed with the barefoot thing. Here's my secret. I tried it after my 50 miler [due to blisters] and I sounded like big foot tromping through [where ever he tromps]. The Pita walked in asking what I was breaking. Apparently I am a HUGE heel striker.

    YAY you!!

  2. Seriously, will you ever take a day off? Not like I am jealous or anything ;)

    I feel you on the eating thing. Low mileage and halloween do not mix!

  3. Hope your feets are better soon! In the meantime, nice job on the Angie-style miles. ;)

  4. i cant believe you are still running! crazy girl! but good job, take it easy tho

    hope u win the giveaway. id love to see some pix from ur races

  5. barefoot?! eeek. props. i kind of want to do it but with the weather being so cold....hahah. but glad to hear that going barefoot felt good :)

  6. Cannot believe you're sore and still busting out 4 miles. Hardcore for sure!

  7. I'm so scraed to run barefoot. Maybe I can wear some VFFs but not completely barefoot. I'm such a sissy, haha!

  8. Sore and running 4 miles is total BA!!!

  9. You are going well with the streak, fantastic! I just cut my shoe open where it hurts my toe.