Daily Chatter

Friday, November 26, 2010

I'll be brief

I wonder if this was my breakfast, how many miles do I need to run or how many hours do I need to shop to burn it off?
Oh holidays are murder on a diet!

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  1. hahah. that's why i didn't take back any leftover desserts to my place.

  2. but sooo worth it. :)

    We're lucky that Thanksgiving is earlier so we have longer to recover before Christmas.

  3. wow! my favorite things... coffee, chocolate chip cookies, and icing!

  4. Surely cute pasties have no calories.

  5. Shelly! I was SO excited to see your comments on my blog. You are my FAV blogger, plus you live in PA, my home state (I grew up in a little, little town outside of Erie and my sis lives in Philly).
    Love your breakfast, hee, hee. I had a HUGE blueberry muffin loaded with all the bad stuff. Best thing I've had all week.

  6. Stick a banana or pile of raisins in there and you have a breakfast of champions.