Daily Chatter

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Getting Back up to Speed

Can I just say that I love my new-ish Under Armour shirt?
As if I need to tell you that since I have been wearing it ALL the time.
I found an ancient gift card in a drawer I was cleaning out.
It had $75 on it!
So I had to help myself to a few new things.
This shirt is one of them.
I wore it during the Ultra.  You'd know this is they ever got the race photos posted!
I wore it Sunday evening on the treadmill and again Monday morning running in the fog.

I wore it Monday evening with my blue Princess Running shirt and knee high socks.
But you can't really see that because I s**k at taking outfit shots.
But I hadn't packed it from our weekend in VA.

I might not have looked as cute by my surroundings were amazing.
My legs were so heavy and tired I wanted to quit before I got started.
So to distract myself I ran across a few fields and pastures. 

The views were just what I needed to keep going.
After my Saturday run, S'ghetti girl and I made cupcakes together.
It was much more fun than a store bought cake.

The family sang me happy birthday and we enjoyed a wonderful weekend of just being together.

The amazing TMB at Racing with babes is Running Naked.
I know you are dying to see TMB run naked so head over there and check out her lastest giveaway.
I just wish they had something in YELLOW.

Amanda at Run to the Finish is hosting a $150 giveaway.
All you need to do is click over and get to know Amanda, let her know your best holiday health tip and your entered.  Plus she has many other way to get extra entries! 


  1. Don't you just love having a favorite piece that you wear over and over and over? Yellow is your color!

    Love that you made cupcakes for your Birthday... sweets taste so much better when made with love. :)

  2. looove the yellow on u!

  3. Happy belated b'day

    It's nice to have a favorite running shirt. My favs change by season, but there are definitely items that I pull out of the laundry before they even have a chance to be put away!

  4. love the shirt! and happy birthday (again!)

  5. Yummy cupcake!

    Love the UA top!! fabulous!

  6. Happy birthday! The best birthdays are those in November. ; )

    I'd be wearing that top all over the place too--I love yellow.

  7. I love that shirt.

    I love the cupcakes.

    I love the pictures.

    Sounds like a FANTASTIC weekend!

  8. Oh my goodness....a $75 dollar find in a drawer???!!!?? As much as I love that yellow shirt - I think I'd have to be all over a new pair of boots ;).

    LOVE that cupcake!!

  9. i soooo hate when they take ages to post race photos!!!