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Monday, November 8, 2010

The Weekend Review - An Extra Hour

This is what happens to play time when I have to wait until after chores to go run.
Everything we do seems to relate to running.
It has even affected the way the kids see me...

pretty good likeness!

If the photos are ever available from the Fire on the Mountain Marathon
you'll get to see that I wore this shirt for the race and looked just about this tired too!

We worked on removing and installing flooring the majority of the day Saturday, finally Hubbs had to get more supplies and I was able to squeeze in a quick 4.33 miles.  After a quick running break it was back to the home improvement projects.  F.U.N. 

LBM says, "No! Me and Daddy!!"

I must say that the finished floor looks and feels 100% better than it did.  It was gross before!  Plus nothing beats the pride of having worked together to do it ourselves.

We enjoyed sleeping in a little and a hearty breakfast before finishing the flooring project Sunday.  Then it was a joint drive towards PA.  After a lunch stop Hubbs and the kiddos detoured for a movie to celebrate S'ghetti girls awesome report card and I continued home. 
I enjoyed a brief bit of solitude while I grabbed a quick barefoot 8 mile run on the treadmill.  My toes are so happy for the break from my shoes.  My toes are feeling so much better!

Day # 183 ~ 3.5 morning miles ~ 27:05

This morning Day # 183 started really cold.  The time change is great in the morning with the increase daylight but I know after work tonight I won't be enjoying it quite as much since it will be dark outside making a stroller run difficult to do.

How do you deal with the time change and loss of evening light?
What all did you squeeze into your extra hour?


  1. i slept for my extra hour. funny because i always complain about how i want extra time in the day to do stuff and then i sleep it away hahah. but i guess i needed the sleep

  2. I love the chalk mommy!
    I started thinking of myself as an athlete when my kids started referring to me as that!

    The thing I always keep in my mind is..."I am doing this (fill in the blank with running, cycling, lifting weights, etc) because my kids are watching me"

  3. Okay I love the "mommy" sidewalk chalk. Awesome.

    barefoot 8 mile run?
    on a treadmill?

    I ran .20 and the pita came running in saying, "what are you breaking". Major heel striker here.
    You just keep getting awesome-R.

  4. Yayyy for home improvement projects!
    Love the sidewalk drawing ;)

    I love that it's getting darker earlier, makes me get up in the a.m. to get it done!
    Have a good Monday!

  5. Sounds like another busy weekend in the One Fooot in Front of the Other household! :)

    I am not looking forward to arriving home in the dark every day. :(

    Making the most of my lunch hour to run whenever possible and soak up the extra daylight.

  6. Um, you need a shirt with that drawing on it!

    Love the time change, that means it won't be SO pitch dark in the morning!

  7. I used the extra hour for some MUCH needed sleep. It was greatly appreciated. Not looking forward to it being so dark earlier though - booo!

    That drawing is priceless!

  8. I used the extra hour to finish my longest distance today: 20miles. It was haaaarrrrdddd =/

  9. Even though we gain an hourm, I always feel like I'm more tired the first week after the time change. I have an easier time when we spring forward and lose an hour. Don't ask me! LOL

  10. Love the chalk drawing mommy with the smile on her face!!