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Monday, November 1, 2010

Fire on the Mountain Marathon 2010 - Race Report - Part 1

The day before.

Saturday dawned with a long list of things to do including all my race prep because I seem to love to wait until the last minute to get things organized.  However, it wasn't going to be a problem since Hubbs was not going to be home until Saturday afternoon so I had all day with the kids to get it all ready.

After an early morning run - yeah, of course I ran the day before my race, don't you? - I made the kids breakfast, did laundry, cleaned the bathroom, and washed dishes so that we could hit the road and run recon on my route for the early morning hours before the race.

Armed with my Yahoo directions, we headed south.  Forty-five minutes later we found our way to the beautiful Green Ridge State Forest and the parking area that would babysit my car while I ran and play host to the finish line.  After a quick call to my ultra running friends Rande and Kari, I found out that I could get my race packet at the Forest Headquarters just down the road. 
This would save me valuable time in the morning just incase I was running late.
After a few turns we got the the headquarters about 45 minutes early for packet pickup.  Oh well, the kids and I enjoyed a bit of the State Forest while we waited. 

Preview of my race day shirt.  (I'll actually had changed before snapping the photo for yesterday's "I'm done" post)
Yes, S'ghetti girl wears pearls to a State Forest.

Great view.

LBM does not like bright sunlight in his eyes either.

 In no time I had my packet, my kids had enjoyed the woods and I was able to get my race tee which I had been too cheap neglected to purchased at registration time.  I love it!

We headed home.  Attempting to backtrack my route I ended up taking a parallel road.  I took note that I returned to my orginal road after a different state forest sign.  I made it home in less than 30 minutes. 

The remainer of my afternoon was spent playing with the kids while hubbs and his brother worked on the tree stand.  I filled my camelbak, tried on and laid out my clothes, pinned bib and baggies, filled drop bag, loaded car, and generally got as prepared as you can when you are freaking out nervous really anixous for a race.

Our evening was filled with sugary fun!  Our little gang of kiddos piled in the car and off we went for trick-or-treating.  Talk about not staying off my feet.

All the fun did help take my mind of my nervousness a little bit.

And if that hasn't been enough of a distraction there is always John B.'s adult trick-or-treat stand!
Don't worry trail running make me happy enough I didn't indulge.
After all that fun we headed home and
then we went to bed.


to be continued....


  1. Yeah, you definitely did not spend your day with your feet up! Anxious to hear the rest.

  2. of course YOU ran the day before your race. You are amazing.

    And that house.....is it yours? It looks amazing. I love that style of home and it looks awesome all costumed up.

  3. can't wait to read more. and i fully support your decision to be so active the day before a race. whenever i try to just put my feet up i end up worrying so much i KNOW i'm burning more energy than staying busy!

  4. Leaving me wanting more... I like it.

  5. Adult trick or treat stand..lol!! Looking forward to part 2!!

  6. ur leaving us in suspense...... stop it! tell us more!

  7. You are killing me! I can't wait until tomorrow =) And four miles today?!? You are amazing!!!

  8. I love how your pre-race endeavors need a report for themselves. :)

    Got to love Halloween the night before your race!

  9. It's a cliffhanger! I'm looking forward to the next installment.

    That picture of you and your daughter is so cute! She looks a lot like you.

  10. Loving this...can't wait for more!

  11. Love that pic of LBM at the end!! :)
    You're so amazing, Shelly!!!

  12. You are a rockstar! Love the cute running shirt!
    Can't wait for more!