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Monday, November 22, 2010

Look for a window and not a wall

 It was a quiet weekend at home for the kids and I.
We had an unexpected loss in the family and due to the circumstances the kids and I were at home while Hubbs helped handled arrangements and attended services.
So it may seem odd that some of our running and playing took place in a graveyard but it really shouldn't.
Death is just another step in the journey we are on.  In many cases, a loved one's passing is the end of a painful struggle.  So for me this grave yard has always been a place a joy. 
A place of beauty for those who choose to allow that next step to be a window and not a wall.

Even LBM knows the happiness of that truth!

We even had our own bike-a-thon.  The winner got a cool fusebead medal!
Okay they both won their age groups.

 The kids raced and ran themselves exhausted! 

I thought about the events of the weekend while I was running this morning.
And I realized that that metaphor carries over to my running too.
I am always leaning on Him for support while I am looking for that window and praying I don't run into a wall.  Many times there have been windows that I have squeezed through and felt reengerized once I was on the other side.  Occassionally there has been a wall.  But I have always been provided with a way, a strength to overcome it. 
With Thanksgiving just days away, what is your best "you found a window" story?
Be thankful today.
Day # 197 3.5 ~ 28:20


  1. Great post. Truly inspired by you getting out there and running everyday!

  2. lovely post lady! i love lbm and s'getthi (i think i totally butchered the spelling. oops!) girl's BRIGHT clothes :)

  3. Shelly--What a great post! It's the perfect approach to life.

  4. I'm so sorry for your loss, but this is a beautiful and touching post!

  5. I am very sorry for your loss. You have such a great perspective on things. Thank you!

  6. this is a wonderful post. I feel like there are walls everywhere if we choose to allow it. God breaks down walls and brings on the light of that window! I felt this way during my marathon and pushed and pushed just thinking window not wall.

  7. Awesome post Shelly. Love this.

    This year has had a lot of window-ish/walls for me........but I am soooooooo much stronger because of them.

  8. Sorry for your loss. I love this approach. You know what... at mile 20 on Dec. 5, I will be saying "It's a window, it's a window." Just wait. ;-) Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. Sorry for your loss :( But I'm glad you had a joy filled weekend with those beautiful kiddos of yours.
    I'm always attempting to make sure that I'm open to all possiblities and making sure I'm open to what ever comes my way.
    Enjoy your week! Hope it goes well!

  10. I bet the kiddies slept soundly that night. ZZzzzzz....

    It is only through HIS grace that we are able to break through walls. I loved this post Shelly =)

  11. Mine was this past weekend! Check out my race report- I refused to allow any walls!!!!