Daily Chatter

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

This is the run I missed

This is the run I missed this morning.
It almost smelled like spring.
Missing my morning run means it will be running in the
tonight on the treadmill because of the wonderful rain that is in the forecast.
But I had good reason to not run this morning.

LBM slept through the night
in his own bed!
He deserved the morning to play instead.


  1. Now, THAT is something to celebrate :-)
    What a sweet boy!

  2. YAY LBM!!! Definitely cause for celebration!

  3. That is a fantastic reason to miss a run!! YaY for LBM sleeping in his own bed! Yay for you getting a full night sleep!!

  4. Stinks you missed a good outside run but it is a good reason though.

  5. YAY you!

    YAy for you MOM.

    YAY for sleep.

    Love this!

  6. High Fives for LBM!!!!! :)
    That steeple in the picture in the fog is just really very pretty!!!

    Ok, I promise to remind you OFTEN of the holiday blog exchange. Can you mention it a time or 5 on your blog?? I think it'd be way fun to get lots of participants :).


  7. wow congrats LBM! that's a milestone right there =)

  8. You must feel like a million dollars today. It's a momentous day when they finally sleep through in their own beds!

  9. Yay for LBM and you Shelly! He's doing great; I have a friend whose 8 yr old still doesn't sleep in his own bed. :)

  10. That is great! My son slept through the first time when he was 3 years and 2 months old.