Daily Chatter

Monday, November 29, 2010

The things you hear when you shut up and listen

We enjoyed the extra long Thanksgiving weekend.
Thanksgiving Day ~ Day # 200 ~ 10 miles

Our family spent the day playing Wii and being together before
we drove to Gramma's house for a big Thanksgiving day evening meal.
After a bit of overindulgence, we played more games and then went out to see the
crazies who lined up by the hundreds at the local stores.

All this for more "stuff."  No Thanks!

Hubbs and I toyed with the idea of selling coffee and hot chocolate but the rain and cold
encouraged us to come to our senses and get the kiddos and head home.

Day # 201 ~ 5 miles

We did find our way to a store.  Sams Club for groceries and then we roamed around
while Hubbs was distracted by the flashing electronics. 

Day # 202 ~ 10 miles

S'ghetti girl and I worked on headbands for our school districts Holiday Workshop.  S'ghetti girl was most excited about her fashion sparkle headbands.  I think she would cover herself in glitter if she could.

Day 203 ~ 1 extra mile with S'ghetti girl and her new mile PR

On the running front, my streak continues.  Day 200 happend to fall on Thanksgiving day. 
I thought that was an nice coincidence since I count the ability to run among my blessings.
S'ghetti girl has been working on being more active and broadening her diet. 
She went out with me on Sunday to work on her mile.  I was so proud of her effort.
As we ran she told me, "...it's not about how fast I go.  All that matters is that I finish."

Day # 203 ~ 6.5 miles solo

I may not have taught her to love running (yet) and I am fine with whatever she chooses
to love doing to be active but what makes me so happy for her is her attitude.
And over a lifetime, that is what will help her the most; having the right attitude.


  1. congrats to ur daughter, who set a new mile PR! awesome!

    im glad u had a nice holiday and weekend! :)

  2. That is a really wise thing to say, for such a little girl! :)

  3. what a lovely coincidence about day 200 falling on thanksgiving!

    and i think s'ghetti girl is one smart cookie :)

  4. I agree! the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. So she will be awesome just like her mommy =)

  5. Way to go S'ghetti girl!!! And congrats to Mama on day 200 and beyond. :)

  6. Wise little girl you have there, you should be proud!!

  7. fantastic! we need more girls out there with a great attitude and healthy body image. you're such a great role model and mom!

  8. What a smart young lady you are raising. Wonderful insight!

  9. She is one smart, sparkly cookie! You are a great mamma, showing your kiddos what a healthy active lifestyle means is priceless.
    Congrats on the 200+ days! And you call me crazy! LOL!
    Have a great week!

  10. Day 200! Wow!
    And, what impressive work from S'ghetti Girl. I think she and Skipper need a virtual play day.

  11. How awesome is that? "It's not about how fast I go.. all that matters is that I finish" How true that is in life on so many levels. You've created a good little being there who will get far with that. Cheers to S'ghetti Girl!

  12. S'ghetti Girl is so normal! What girl wouldn't cover themselves with sparkles if given the chance?!

  13. you are definitely creating an amazingly wonderful and strong daughter!

  14. yeah for the little one!!!!

    OMG- I go out for Black Friday every year, but you better believe I don't wait in those lines!